By: ArtemisDSII

Episode name: The Dancing Princess

This world is way too convenient for my liking. It sort of annoys me but hey it’s all because of the aliens.


There is no way in hell I wasn’t the only one not expecting it. I just burst out laughing but hey with magic flowing through the world why not suspect aliens?

Hakaze though…she’s getting a little to odd.


I kind of feel bad that no one’s running after Mahiro I mean, give the guy some credit even if he’s in love with his sister…adopted sister and refuses to admit it.

I loved that Yoshino finally lost his cool but even then I felt like they made him go crazy to make him seem a little human. All in all, I don’t think i like him very much since he isn’t really natural. And it was such a sudden change to insanity it made him look less human.


On top of that, did no one notice that he wondered if strangling Hakaze would get him peace? I mean, he voiced that in front of her and she didn’t seem fazed at all.