By: ArtemisDSII

Episode name: Marine Snow

This episode was actually pretty cool even though much didn’t happen. It was hilarious how Samon and Mahiro and the rest speculated over who his girlfriend could have been. Megumu of all people was the only sane one at the time which was sad since no one pays any attention to him.

Hakaze kept freaking out but what got me was how Yoshino acted while saying she didn’t need to worry since his girlfriend was dead. He seemed so alright with it and I guess you would come to terms when it’s been a year and there’s no real point in hiding it from anyone anymore but still. It felt like he sort of didn’t care. Maybe it was to help her come to terms and stop worrying about it, I don’t know.

What really annoyed me was how he knows Aika is a bad person but still likes/liked her. There’s just too much off about her and I just don’t like it. She just seems like a bad person not to mention incredibly clingy and creepy.

Ahh, I just want to watch the next episode already. The absolute ending when Mahiro realizes the very real possibility that Aika was his girlfriend though, wow I can’t wait to see his reaction. This will be good.


Edit: This guy also creeps me out; I feel like he could be some seriously messed villain



So the plan is to watch all the episodes and write about them everyday till the last episode. Hopefully I’ll watch episode 18 and put that up today too. What sucks is something messed up and all my saved pictures got deleted so I couldn’t add the pictures I wanted here and the same goes for all the other anime I watched over 3 weeks ago. Anyway, see you in another hour?