By: Striffy

I don’t know what they meant when they said Psycho-Pass wasn’t moe. I mean the first 17 or so episodes Akane took up the moe title, but then she suddenly decided she was tired of our b.s and quit. Subsequently we got this piece of work:


Honestly, he’s just enjoying the springtime of youth… or something like that (if you ignore those pesky subs). So anyway that was an excellent episode- complete with Akane vs. Sibyl showdown. At the moment Akane is confused about the necessity of the System (or that’s what I’d like to believe). The Sibyl System has created a perfect society where self-determination and internal struggles are a thing of the past. On one hand this means that you’re promised a resolute safe future so long as you abide by the laws, but on the other hand it means that you’ll never feel the thrill of achievement of the blow of defeat. You’re aware of whether your endeavors will lead to victory or to failure. Fearing consequences for one’s actions will never be a problem for you and the burden of anxiety will never be a part of your daily routine.


But about the people that live like that; what even sets them apart from others? Your actions define your person, but if your will was never part of the equation it defeats the whole purpose of your actions. They have no value and you’re probably undergoing some sort of mid-life crisis because a computer keeps telling you to shut up and that your aptitude will never surpass anything beyond scrubbing toilets so get down and start scrubbing what the hell am I even talking about .

Which moves to Makishima’s side of the argument. If we eliminate the evil side to him (which will probably result in a microscopic dust particle) he values willingness above everything (or the splendor of souls, I don’t even know what this man is talking about). He believes that the Sibyl System is shit and needs to go down because boo hoo they rejected me. No… I mean, well.. actually that might be true. Maybe Shougo’s actually just a hurt little kid and doesn’t even mean half the stuff he says. Look I’ve already mentioned Makishima’s side of the argument, which is the cons of Sibyl.


Now we know that both parties are going about their beliefs the wrong way. One side runs a society where frightened rape victims are worthy of punishment and the other instigates murder to raise awareness. The only person that isn’t delving into the extremes is Akane, who condemns Makishima’s actions as well as Sibyl’s (and you know, points out that despite being smart they are friggin’ criminals).

So anyway, let’s see if Akane gets to save Shinya or not. Something tells me that even if she does save him, he’ll end up dying because of something else. Makishima’s pretty messed up and the only life he can lead is one behind bars, dead, or escaped to another country. And I wonder if he’ll succeed in bringing down the Sibyl System, I mean, this is Makishima we’re talking about. And he’s already in the goddamn granary preparing to screw things up. Bio-terrorism by one person indeed.psycho25

Also, one thing I really have to applaud Psycho-Pass for is creating a show where sets of ideals are put up against each other, each with their own flaws. It’s not really a battle of good and evil, black and white, but rather, different shades of gray and gray moralities. Which is reminiscent of one of my all-time favorite anime, Death Note.