By: ArtemisDSII

I want to focus a little more on the drama side of the episode. So extra, honestly.

I don’t understand why and in what world Yoshino thought it would be okay and appropriate to ask Aika if she was wearing underwear.


I hate him so much for his completely random and uneeded bursts of perviness.

But I’ll give him credit, he dresses well.


Still, I love how Hakaze is just unable to function normally now that she’s sure she likes him. Kinda annoys me how something like this is going to set the stage for the world’s future. I see a huge flaw in the anime but I’ll probably save it for later.


And here we have a wild and oblivious Yoshino. I can’t stand it when characters have no idea when someone else likes them…though I get the feeling he sort of knows but is bent on his dead girlfriend