By: ArtemisDSII

Episode name: You Seem to Be Plotting Something

The first thing that stumped me for a second was Hakaze walking around a 5 star hotel. It threw me off for a bit till I realized that people probably just moved on and not all places were attacked by the Tree as harshly as others. Took me a minute to figure it out.

I loved how Mahiro ever so calmly makes Samon feel like a piece of shit. Made me laugh


The most awkward thing was watching Mahiro threaten to violate Meguma…it made me feel uncomfortable.

*shaking my head* lol

And yes, you don’t look that decent to me. I don’t question it.


The greatest thing was when innocent, spineless Meguma yells ‘at least I don’t have a sister complex,’ I died. If I wasn’t already on the floor I would have fallen off my seat laughing.

And literally all of Samon’s companions said their prayers.


So perfect.

Oh and on the side we’ve got Hakaze falling for Yoshino. Jokes all the way through xD

I couldn't stop laughing at it all
I couldn’t stop laughing at it all