By: ArtemisDSII

It’s really cool how Andy (his name is so off compared to everyone else’s) communicates with his boss whatever. but what I wonder is how a ship full of espers doesn’t notice him running off to an obviously an infrequently used room to talk. I guess there powers are negated because of his natural ability? I just feel like someone is just going to pop up behind him when he has his ‘secret’ meetings.


On a more important note, I get why everyone says Hyobu is a lolita! He mentions he wants his Queen to be some girl who only now is a middle schooler.


And then he says he should treat her like a woman now. WHAT?


The one thing I don’t like about this anime right now is that the ‘sort of antagonists’ are little girls. And to be honest I didn’t really mind until they started crying like little babies. It’s kind of interesting, I wouldn’t mind if the protagonist or the character we associate with was a cry baby but this? Not so much.

And they manage to get what they want too…before Hyobu kicks their butt

Hopefully the future episodes will give me a reason for why these people have little girls at their front lines.