By: Striffy

Makishima is prepared to smirk at any point in case anyone’s with him (sadly he was looking in the wrong direction)

Hear Ye, O Masses, bow in awe as Striffy announces the one and only way to destroy that which is known as Shougo Makishima. I shall reveal to you know his biggest weakness: as you might have noticed Makishima is physically incapable of doing anything without quoting or bringing up a piece of literature. So in order to win against him all you must do is baffle him with a situation so bizarre that even he won’t be able to fetch a quote from his endless quote-bank relating to the situation. As Makishima’s brain goes on overdrive repeating “CANNOT COMPUTE TOO STUPID TO UNDERSTAND” he is at his most vulnerable state. Shoot him. Either that or you…


FACE BOOK HIM. GET IT?? GET IT?? Face book?? Oh, Striffy you are a genius I tell you…

So anyway, we finally get to discover the true nature of the Sibyl System. Although it wasn’t all that surprising I have to admit I was pleased and not at all disappointed. The Sibyl System is pretty much a huge collection of brains (247 of them to be exact) which are in charge of processing everything that goes on in Sibyl. We can’t even begin to imagine the capacity of this computerized system considering that nearly everything, including political decisions, city scans, checking Crime Co-efficients- everything is run by the Sibyl System.

I wonder if that’s a bad kitty. Is it also working for Sibyl? Is it?

Hue checks are done easily by machines, but a person’s Crime Co-efficient is judged using the brains of several people with unconventional personalities rather than just by computers. This makes sense considering that a person’s psyche is far too complicated to be easily understood by computers. The Sibyl System acts on the assumption that any inconsistencies in judgement will be moderated by the use of several egos.

It uses its collective intellect to function and by taking in Criminally Asymptomatic people, those that it is incapable of understanding and judging, it is able to grow and expand, adapting a new manner of thinking with the addition of each brain; in other words the System is always changing, though for better or for worse, I can’t say.


I have to wonder about the System at the start. Was it a relatively narrow-minded system earlier on, with only a few brains making most of its decisions? And who on Earth invented it to start with? I wouldn’t be all that surprised if that person is included in the existing 247 brains.

The Sibyl System is kind of like a living organism, with a desire to expand and grow. I wonder if its insatiable thirst for intellect will one day bring its downfall.


-Why did the Chief have to pick at her eye? Just… why?

-Who on Earth thought it would be a good idea to gather up especially weird criminals and put them in charge of all the normal people?

-What the–? How is this man still walking? Why does he look better than usual? That’s it: Kogami’s a cyborg.

Actually now that I’m looking at the picture again, it looks like Kogami’s got a weird shit pony coming out of his head.

-The Sibyl System “distribute its flaws and tries to hide them”, which is more than we can say about a lot of governments that don’t even bother to hide their imperfections nowadays.

-As for how the Sibyl System runs, isn’t that like taking a huge number of crazy unsympathetic people and hoping that the majority will say what’s right? Sure, let them rule the world.

-Haha they took the most messed up person around (i.e Shougo) and pretty much offered him to rule alongside them. So much for the MWPSB’s continued efforts and Kagiri’s demise.