By: ArtemisDSII

I love how PANDRA comes to the meeting held by the Princess and does nothing but throw some graffiti on the walls and just leave.


And this guy randomly and very suddenly entrusts finding out what PANDRA is upto without any hesitation from those two guys from Japan. No verification of I.D just,


And the work they do after to get to the bottom of Hyobu’s plans

He looks like he's just interested in playing
He looks like he’s just interested in playing

I love the way there are jokes being thrown out left and right but even then they’re all being serious. I wanted to put up some of them but that would take the bulk of my post. The best ones were the lolita jokes. I feel like it’s an inside joke that we still need to learn the whole story of.

I love how this guy (forgot his name) looks like he’s thinking of something really important about the princess and then…


I really like the way the characters are just honest and not so thick skinned. They’ve got more character then anyone in Tonari, that’s for sure.

Did you become her boyfriend? xD

What I absolutely love is how everyone in town is pretty much dressed like the princess thanks to Hyobu and the Princess thinks the most logical thing to do is try on somedifferent clothes so she’s the only person with her face in different clothing. That won’t give you away for sure.


Anyway, the point of this episode was the assassination of the Princess who wants peace between espers and non espers. There were so many parallels with Princess Diana throughout the episode.


I get the feeling the little girl Hyobu cares so much for is a lot more powerful then we think, even if we already think she’s powerful. I mean, there has to be a reason she


I love Hyobu’s attitude, it’s carefree and blatant. And even if he’s ruthless I find him to be a cool character possibly fighting for something more then what we’re seeing. It was cool to learn that he’s some 60-70 years old and not a pedophile wearing a school uniform. Oh wait…