By: ArtemisDSII

So this episode for me was just an emphasis on how this girl was just as stupid before she lost her memories. Shin, the black and red Joker, is her prick of a boyfriend. Think I’m just hating? 


How the hell do girls find him attractive? he orders her around because it will help in her rehabilitation, interrogates her to figure out wheter she has lost her memories and the last one is just epic. They’re dating but their conversations ‘don’t really mesh.’ Holy shi 

I knew there was no way they had a healthy relationship, at least that was cleared up.

I love the way these two walk together too.

'oh, you were here?'
‘oh, you were here?’

And I still don’t get why he walks around pretending to be the Joker.

And he’s got different coloured shoes -_-

When he said he was younger I could have flipped a table. He’s younger then you and even then you let yourself get pushed around. Even before the amnesia.


When they met up with the blonde guy and he said that they were all siblings I almost panicked. But of course, it’s because they’ve known each other for a very long time and he’s the friend I said thinks of her as her sister.

Oh and the weirdest and pointless thing happened near the end. Shin blushes because she was practicing how to serve the people that come to their messed cafe. I guess this is why girls think so much of him. Right near the ending of the episode he apologizes for being rude (because that suddenly will make it all okay) and then blushes.

unnecessary blushing

And the green haired guy took over her manager…


God I can’t stand this anime anymore. It isn’t even funny so I can’t even just laugh along the way or anything. I had to watch a different anime right after because this was so stupid. I might just bunch together 2-3 episodes just so I don’t waste my time…