By: Striffy

I have no words (aside from the hundred or so that I do have). That was unbelievably good.

Pretty much my reaction but with more screaming.

Ugh… so many questions, no answers. Coolest fight scene ever (not literally, but it was really good). All of my predictions accurate (except one).

I got what I asked for last week. One sweet dog fight of face-smacking bone-breaking between Makishima and Kogami and that’s what I got, however what I didn’t expect was a one-sided brawl in which Shinya would have his butt whupped severely. Also, I couldn’t recognize Makishima’s fighting style, but whatever it was, damn he was good.

And for once, for the first time in anime history and possible in the history of all horror movies and everything else, for once the girl in the background actually did what the audience was screaming at her to do: she snuck up on the bad guy and knocked him out cold. I love you Akane. I love you and your moeness and that face you made as you ran at Makishima with that helmet.

Damn that felt good.

Also RIP Kagiri. They always have to kill the cool guy don’t they? (Unless he’s not dead, which I highly doubt). And what was it that Kagiri saw? What at the heart of the Sibyl System could cause riots if it’s very existence came into exposure? I need to know! (Though I doubt it’ll actually be all that great; the thrill of wanting to find out will probably be more satisfying than the act of finding out). And what was up with that old lady? Did the Sibyl System take control of her mind (in case she was a cyborg) or was she never even a human to begin with (a machine)?

Now it’s another 7 days until episode 17. It’ll be nice to see Shougo at a disadvantage for once (behind bars and possibly gagged to prevent him from bringing up some Shakespearean quotes that reminds him of his plight.) Anyway, I agree with Kagiri; both sides of the conflict (i.e Sibyl and Shougo) need to go down.