By: Striffy

As soon as I started the episode I immediately regretted it, considering that it was obvious straight off that this one would mainly be build-up. So now I have to wait seven more days for Gen’s self-acclaimed “masterpiece”, aka Episode 16. It had better be good.

Anyway, Ep.15 portrayed people generally going bonkers and grabbing the closest pair of scissors to stab someone with. Well at least we got to get a view of the actual citizens and what do you know? They can actually recognize that smacking somebody about the head with a hammer does not result in strawberry jam spillage, but rather, in brain spillage and possibly death.

What do you mean it’s not strawberry? It tasted like straw—uh— never mind. Forget I said anything.

In fact, it’s possible that the only reason people remained placid upon witnessing the murder (last week) is because they thought it wasn’t a murder, but was… um.. a comedy routine staged by the MWPSB or something (yeah, they’re still retards). I guess this makes sense since these people have been told throughout their lives that murderers don’t exist (you know, ‘cuz we blow them up and all).

Still, I think everybody’s dip into insanity was a bit too sudden, but I guess a little bit of simulation was enough to throw the otherwise stress-free citizens into a massive panic. Not to mention a lot of them thought that killing out of self-defense wouldn’t affect their Crime Coefficients (once again, they’re idiots).


So, the next episode will be taking place in the Nano Tower. It’ll probably include the scene from the first episode and maybe we’ll get a dog fight between Makishima and Shinya (yes, I really want to know who’d win). I’ll temporarily be the happiest person alive if that happens (but it probably won’t because it doesn’t fit the overall style of the show) 😦 Just seven more days…