By: ArtemisDSII

I hate that this anime has such an awesome opening. It sounds so cool (i have yet to search the meaning) but the opening itself has some really annoying parts. The worst is when she keeps turning/walking aimlessly because she’s lost or what not. Besides that it actually is really sick. I give the opening 3.75/5.

The ending of the episode seemed to confuse a lot of people bu I’ll give my thoughts at the ending.

So I’m starting to get a little weirded out by how everyone dresses. It’s like they all are taking their own style on the joker or something.

just taking a stroll

And oh my lord, did you see the way her guy # 1 walked into the cafe place. That was possibly the best worst animation I have seen in a while. Just terrible.

Also, I did not expect the ‘bad guy’s’ voice to be so..unmanly. Definitely a shock, it wasn’t even creepy.

least manliest voice ever
He’s got the voice of a little kid compared to what I expected

What I didn’t get was Orion’s chest suddenly fluttering upon seeing guy # 6 (green guy above). That was random

the hell is his heart fluttering for

So the random event being held by the cafe this girl works out has all of them wearing their uniform for some reason. I don’t think it’s necessary but whatever. I’d like to point out though, that amnesia girl is the only one that seems to be wearing something different.

why are they STILL dresed like that
why are they STILL dresed like that

I just can’t get over their clothing.

Two cool things about he episode though. First, this girl actually gets worried and panics and runs away from the guy that told her (according to her distorted memory) that he killed someone. Can we have a round of applause for an amnesiac character that’s so lost but has more common sense then 90% of conscious people? Louder people, louder.

she isnt completely stupid
she isn’t completely stupid, yay

Secondly, Shin’s eyes actually looked really cool and creepy even though you can tell it isn’t intentional. Thumbs up to the directors or whatever.


Okay, so I just wanted to talk about the ending. I get that some people are really confused but I think I can clear up any confusion you may have had after watching the ending. She simply woke up from a temporary dream like state, magic I know. It’s called a coma actually. But seriously, it’s just presented in a paradoxical way.

The fact the creepy green guy exists though, makes me wonder a little. Maybe those little looking glasses, what are they called again? I can’t remember but it has something to do with magic or seeing through different experiences? I don’t know. I read a comment and it made me think about this more then I wanted to.

definitely not psycho