By: ArtemisDSII

Is it just me or do all the main characters have dead girlfriends they want to get back?

I kind of got worried for a while when it seemed that Hakaze was going to suddenly become a bit of a weak person and all.

oh lord please no
For a second I lost hope

But  then this happened,

so cold

Then I started thinking she was too cold. Or at least, she keeps going to different extremes.

It was a little uncool how she sort of forced this clear wimp into fighting. but obviously he was going to eventually fight back.


He’s pretty stupid though for just walking around town talking to himself about possibly being the mage of Exodus. I get that he’s a little confused but he should even be that stupid.

UntitledJust take a look at this picture though, I laughed.

‘I could FINALLY cut through cans of soda’

What’s kinda of annoying but also cool about the anime is how there’s so much speculation. You get to see what everyone is thinking and how they derive their ideas and they’re all different and all make some sense. It’s kind of like how fans of a show/viewers will wonder about what’s going to happen next and I think it really keeps thinks interesting. I feel like I can’t decide who the mage probably is because there are so many ways it could go right now.

It briefly crossed my mind that Yoshino may be the mage but I dismissed it but thanks to Samon I’m thinking about it again. I still think Hakaze’s friend is a good possible candidate for being a mage so I’ll stick with it for now.

what is this speculation
what is this speculation