By: ArtemisDSII 

Here is an anime that I refer will refer to as, the only exception. I don’t think any other anime could get away with having a dull, lost and confused girl like this anime has and have a good enough reason (at the very least, they centered everything around why they can’t have awesome characters because of Amnesia, so blatant). It’s okay that she’s surrounded by bishies because she doesn’t know what’s happening anyway.

Of course though, she wakes up to learn she works at some cafe that provides sort of fan service for it’s customers and all her friends (who seem to be mostly male) are attractive. Again, this anime gets away with it since they all work at this type of cafe we’ve come to think only exists in the world of anime (and hopefully I’m right in saying that).

Out of nowhere, and I seriously didn’t expect it, there’s some magical fairy guy thing flying around that only this girl can see. I didn’t expect it to have any sort of fantastical aspect to it. Whatever, it’s a shoujo so I won’t bother questioning it. WHat I love though is how you can just tell by looking at the four guys what kind of relationship they possibly have.

It’s really simple, this guy below is the nice guy friend that likes her but can’t have her for  _____ reason. Possibly because of guy # 4


Next, we have the friend that cares deeply for the main girl but not in the more romantic way but he will probably at some point in the anime feel confused and wonder if he likes her as a sister or something more. To confirm this, he will probably kiss her and then realize ‘oh, I don’t like you, nevermind.’ Or he’ll be a little more subtle about it…whatevertumblr_mh36mkah4e1s3lgeho16_250

Guy # 3 here is the one that’s a causes a little tension on occasion for guy # 4. He likes her but doesn’t show it and is rude to her to cover it up. Of course, deep down he holds so many feelings for her but he can’t have her because it’s too late or they got off on the wrong foot. (I am seriously controlling how much I roll my eyes while I type all of this) Also, he sort of messes with her in order to annoy guy #4 and for his own pleasure.


OH OUR HERO! Guy # 4 seems to be the most invested in her. Obviously he likes her and possibly has some sort of connection with her but the people behind this story (striffy probably knows who) were so clever and they threw us all off by making him a little more resevered looking and having a darker appearance with his black and red hair/style.


Guy#5 or boy here is just to make things interesting and the reason this whole mess has started. Don’t really want to talk about him though so I won’t. But I will say that he’s probably going to cause a host of problems for the girl seeing with his apparent clumsy reputation

Thought he was a girl...
Thought he was a girl…

And finally #6, isn’t this girl so lucky to be surrounded by only good looking people and have her potential and obvious enemy fall under the category of bishie? Oh Shoujo, how I will never understand but still to a degree love you. 8- )


I really want to get into some serious detail here but I’ll refrain myself and just make a separate post about the way these characters are portrayed and in general, but I’ll save it for later.

Anyway, this anime was so typical it’s terrible really but I can’t bash it as much as I want to since they had a reason to have such flat characters. It is the first episode too so I can understand why it sucks so much. I just wish they could have come up with a better way to excuse their cliche way of storytelling.

Anyway, I immediately deduced that every single one of these guys wants to make out with her at this point.


The amount of chaos and fangirling that’s been happening over the guy characters is seriously getting on my nerves. Maybe it’s the first time that I really got into something and bothered to search it on Tumblr since I’m reviewing it and all but I just can’t get over how obsessive people can be and this is coming from me of all people.

I got most of these gifs/pics off Tumblr but check this next one out. I don’t know about you but the two in the middle look demented and greenboy on the right looks like a vampire though I’d say Reddie’s got the colours down.

They aren’t even that great looking come on people -_- (maybe the first one..but even then)

I don’t really mind continuing this anime if and only if it gets better. It’s taken about 3 weeks for me to finish writing this first review and get myself motivated to watch anime again since uni started again. I hope this isn’t a decision I’ll regret making. (I could be watching Psycho Pass or Zetsuen or magi but I’m giving it all up just so I can get this out of the way).

Here’s a final picture of the girl with Orion or whatever. Just want to point out that their eyes aren’t that great. -To all the people obsessing over how ‘beautiful’ they are

I just noticed, she is actually showing some emotion here 😮

Note: Striffy wanted to add some points on this first episode and i wasn’t going to publish this until but damn it I need to publish this before I watch the next episode. Striffy, just add what you want to say later on to this.

Also, I plan on writing out some things that irked me in this first episode but since it’s more general I’ll write a separate post so keep a lookout for that.