By: Striffy

I no longer no anything. I apologize to Makishima for thinking he was a sissy. Makishima please don’t kill me. I shall never accuse you of sissy-hood again.

Nor shall I draw attention to his sissy hair ever again.

If this episode was aiming for the shock value, boy did it work. It looked as if it was specifically designed to disturb its viewers one stage at a time, starting with the pharmacy crime (that’s why it’s best to use safety scissors), and then the crime on the street (which was downright disturbing), to Makishima’s vicious display of savagery (I shall never look at bats the same way again).

Crime #1:

I don’t have much to say for this one, considering that it was out of the blue and totally unclassy. I was, however, reminded of the creepy scissors guy from Baccano.

  • Also, I don’t understand how the hooded guys crime coefficient  didn’t appear to go up, considering that the only person present in the room at that time was the woman being stabbed by him (which would understandably make her Psycho-Pass go up and therefore make the helmet guy’s Psycho-Pass go up the same).

Crime #2:

The crime that took place on the street left me with my jaw agape for around a whole minute. We get to watch a whole crowd of people witness a murder taking place right before their very eyes and the most of a reaction we get is someone pulls out their Poloroid or something. WTF??? Now, that, you see is either a) Eustress Deficiency Cerebal Infarction working its way into people, or b) the citizens of Sibyl are blaring idiots that think smacking somebody about the head with a frikken hammer is the new ‘hello’.

Anyway, with that, I’ve just about lost all compassion I had for the potentially compassion-worthy citizens of Sibyl. Screw them. Damn them all. They need to die. Yes, even the pretty ones. I’m going to go satisfy my needs a bit:

Shit, I think my own Psycho-Pass just jumped up a bit.

I think the scariest part of this scene was the fact that despite being surrounded by people the victim was completely and utterly alone, with no one offering her any help out of the situation. Honestly I think this reflects a bit on real-life situations where people have been beat to death while the onlookers did nothing to save them (but, like, 20 times more extreme and stupid).

So anyway, this scene was able to chew onto a very human fear- what happens when you can’t expect a shred of humanity from the people around you? There isn’t much hope for people if their inclination toward goodness or natural response to help people no longer exists. Oh and what a coincidence: take a look at this video, where just about nobody except for the police officer actually does anything to help the lady off the train tracks. Quite the bystander effect.

The moe-ness is disappointed in every single one of you.
The moe-ness is disappointed in every single one of you.

Crime #Makishima 

Probably my favorite one, in that it really was out of nowhere and was completely surprising. When I saw Makishima surrounded by those four blood thirsty guys I was pretty sure that he would try to get out of the situation by boring them to death with some good ol’ Shakespeare (which he usually does). The only comfort I had when Makishima was onscreen was that the guy was probably too posh to get his hands dirty and way too scrawny to actually win a fight psychically. Gen Urobutcher decided to strip me of my one last comfort by making Makishima a conditioned practitioner of waif-fu.

Is it just me or is his leg a bit too long in that one?

Just when I was ready to see Shougo get his butt whopped the guy shows off his mad skills which I would say are on par with Shinya, or maybe he’s better. Now I really want to see a dog-fight between the two of them. Also, Makishima killed the guy…with the bat–not Higurashi style–oh no, what he did somehow seemed much worse.

So much for his bookworm appearance. I think I (along with a hundred other people) just woke up to how much of a scary person Makishima really is- to which I say well done, he’s an awesome antagonist and he manages to make every scene he’s onscreen his own.


  • The OP’s visuals were good, but as I stated earlier, the openings sound track is really bad, but that’s just my opinion.
  • Good teamwork to Shinya and Masaoka. And now they’ve captured one of the bad guys who will hopefully give them a lead as to where Makishima is.