By: Striffy

First off: I will forever hate Gino’s hair.Psycho2

I was a bit surprised to see Psycho-Pass make a comeback with this kind of episode, but I guess it’s around time to start fleshing out the cast. Despite the purpose of this episode being to provide some background to Yayoi and possibly make her a more sympathetic figure, I emerged liking her a bit less than I did before. Her actions seemed selfish to me and I don’t think I even saw an inch of personality added to her character.

Also, I think it’s a bit of overkill to mention that none of the latent criminals sent to the (correctional?) facility come out as normal people. It kind of defeats the purpose of the Sibyl System if it can’t even take care of its citizens. So much for healing. I mean, did nobody notice the dude smacking his head bloody against the wall? The doctors didn’t really look like they cared. Were they even doctors? I mean, they didn’t really do much as they watched Yayoi pass out from sedatives, plus no one actually seems to be undergoing any actual treatment. Everybody’s just left to their own devices and that’s pretty much it.



  • I’m not really sure how a former guitarist has the aptitude to be an enforcer, but whatever.
  • I hate the new opening and ending. The OP’s just some generic j-pop that makes my ears bleed plus it has visuals that don’t beat the first one. Oh god the Engrish is really annoying. Stick to Japanese if it makes you sound better.
  • I cant believe getting angry can increase one’s Psycho-Pass. We should throw in Mahiro from Zetsuen no Tempest in there and see how long he lasts before the Dominators switch to Elimination mode.
  • The citizens of Sibyl more or less have no say in the elections, since whoever they elect is already judged by the System to be worthy of the job, in other words, the politicians and bureaucrats are people that wouldn’t oppose the System regardless of what the citizens want. I hope we get to see the people in charge of Sibyl, since they’re pretty much ruling the city.
  • Why would Yayoi suggest Rina to undergo treatment when Shinya already told her it never really works?
  • Haha Rina just walked past a gun-yielding Yayoi like a boss.