By: Striffy

Wow, that was a good episode. The beginning half was good, but the last two scenes were WAY better. Now I’m pumped up for the next episode. Hah I can’t wait for the MWPSB to take action against Makishima, who, by the way, is SO screwed since they now have an image of  his face and hundreds of city scanners that can identify him in a second.

Personally, I think they got his bad side in this one. I bet he’ll be furious when he finds out.

Not that city scanners will help or anything, since that little serpent probably has tons of passageways around the city. And it seems unlikely that Makishima would make a mistake and get caught; it’s way more probable that he’d invite the Police Force to another sickly game. On the other hand, it’s not like Makishima knows that the MWPSB drew up a picture of him… unless he does know.

And it turns out that there have been previous cases of people like Shougo, who are fully capable of performing gruesome crimes without ever having their Hues clouded. They’re called Criminally Asymptomatic (which I bolded for no reason), which makes me wonder about the people with the potential to commit crimes. It’s generally agreed upon that everybody has the potential to evil, but what if that’s wrong? What if criminality is actually only inherent and people unlucky enough to acquire it from their parents are the only ones with criminal latency? If you use the word “Asymptomatic” you’re somewhat implying that a criminal mindset is like a disease, and what if this disease is actually inherent? Then people like Gino are meant to live in fear of their Crime Co-efficient going up randomly, not to mention their offspring are never in the safe zone either. And is their a cure for this disease? Like we saw in the previous episode, no such cure has been found yet, and people convicted as Latent Criminals don’t have much chance at life except as Sibyl’s lap dogs.

One said Lap Dog.

Earlier on I mentioned that Makishima’s probably a psychopath, since he exhibits some character traits related to psychopathy from the Psychopathic Personality Inventory, plus he also scores quite a bit on PCL-R as well. However, it’s also mentioned that Makishima is probably Criminally Asymptomatic, and the statistics are that about one of every two million people are like this. That goes ahead and bashes my theory of Makishima’s psychopathy, since 4%, of people are psychopaths, which is 1 in 25 people. As in psychopathy is WAY more common than Criminal Asymptomaty (which I just made a word by the way, since I refuse to say it any other way) which means psychopaths’ Crime Coefficient readings do show up (which means I was wrong). But, it’s possible that Shougo’s just a special kind of psychopath. Let’s leave it at that, shall we? (Yes, I know I seem a bit desperate to label Shougo a psychopath, but so what?)Psycho4


  • Touma Kouzaburou is officially declared missing. Which totally means a) he was executed, b) he’s currently being used for experiments, c) he and his girlfriend decided to honeymoon in Vegas.
  • If Criminal Latency is inherent or rather, is already set in your genes, then I would wonder about people with Triple X Syndrome.
  • The government in charge of Sibyl hides things from the people in order to keep them with a false sense of safety. Said sense of safety causes them to be affected with Eustress Deficiency Cerebal Infarction. Ironically the governments attempts at keeping the people safe is actually causing them to die.
  • Good attitude Akane! Can’t go on depressed forever!
  • I laughed at Gino slapping the shit out of Akane. Also, I thought and kind of hoped she would throw up on him, but I was disappointed to see her face the other direction.
  • Holy shitsticks. Masaoka’s Gino’s dad??? I did NOT see that one coming. On the other hand that explains why Masaoka gets to throw Gino without worrying too much about the consequences.