By: Striffy 

Wow… what a boring episode… it took like 20 minutes just to get a point across. I mean I’m up for the whole “show not tell” thing but you could at least make it more fun or more fast-paced. Also, the animation for this series sucks. It’s ugly as hell.

There were hardly any highlights in this episode except that we found out that Aido is a Kaname fan boy + stalker or something. Seriously, he keeps the guys trash and shit. Just—just— why??? And why is he so loyal to Kaname? What did Kaname ever do except have purer blood than everyone else? Man I just can’t agree with this. Favoring pure blood over mixed and stuff… it’s just like being racist. But in vampire language.

Did he really need to ruin the desk to make a point? This dude has no respect for people’s personal belongings.

Notes in this otherwise boring episode:

  • Yaoi fangirls rejoice!!! (Admittedly I freaked out before remembering I was watching a shoujo)vk4
  • They must have a pretty good dorm if the most offensive items in possession are G-rated snaps of the Night Class.
  • I can’t believe Yuki chased around a kid that ditched his balloon. I mean- screw that kid! He made his own choices godammit!! Whatever, I guess she’s just a better person than I am or something. Albeit a stupid one, considering that she’s running around some abandoned part of town chasing a creepy kid.
  • Oh yes, of course, the most logical thing to do when you’re on the run from a possessed kid and The Grudge is to lock yourself up in the abandoned scary attic. It didn’t even have a frikken lock! WTH????vk5
  • “Vampire’s are dangerous” Welcome to the world of reality, Yuki. So I suppose you realized they also don’t sparkle?
  • Kaname just obliterated a kid and Yuki didn’t even get freaked out at that. Wow, I thought he’d have a bit more compassion toward his fellow vampires, but maybe not.
  • Oh, also, Yuki finds out Zero’s a vampire when he tries to eat her.