What was the point of the whole Valentine’s day scene? Did that add anything to the series besides letting Zero and Kaname fruitlessly glare at each other? Well whatever, the only real problem I had was that all the girls of Day Class (aka normal girls) are mindless hordes of shallow morons that go “Kya kya!” over pretty people and throw chocolates at them. That has some unfortunate implications (which may actually apply to many real life situations- which is even sadder).

The best part of the whole thing was that I got to learn a new pickup line:

I’m so going to use this from now on

To be honest, I don’t have much to say about this episode. It just took a pretty predictable path down the shoujo lane. Let’s see how this whole thing plays out. On one side we’ll have the haughty Pureblood Vampire that is Kaname and opposing him is our troubled Zero (who’s already spending more time throwing up in the bathroom, by the way. Kind of like morning sickness. I wonder who— never mind.)


  • Yuki’s friend is my favourite character so far. So chill.vk1
  • I don’t really get why the vamps of Night Class are so stuck up though. I mean they’re just about the same age as everyone else around them and are currently undergoing a normal growth rate (Kaname was shown to be a kid around 10 years ago- and he appears to have aged right). They’ve only been around for a couple of years and they’re already snobs. So what if they have super cool powers and are descendants of actual vampires which is so cool—- not that I’m jealous of those rich brats or anything.
  • The vamps are quite stuck up aren’t they? At one point Rukia comments that the girls should be grateful that Kaname’s taking their chocolate. ye-esss
Kya so erotic desu ~~~ I want!! ♥ (On closer inspection he does look a bit like a girl.)
  • I was actually getting pumped up for a fight. Yes! Blood! But, Alas! It was to no avail! It was just some fake drama. Dammit. And I wanted to see Zero pump some shells into those pompous brats.
  • When Yuki was making chocolates how the HELL did she fall? She wasn’t even like, WALKING or anything!! Or moving for that matter!

This was a pointless episode, except for the parts that Zero was shirtless. (Not because he was shirtless mind you–but because it let us know that he’s turning into a vampire for some reason. Expects bucket loads of angst and angry showers to ensue!!!