By: ArtemisDSII

I can't even
I can’t even

This one gif is just such an accurate and much awaited for scene I need a moment.

Look at the SWORD! I mean, you can actually see it! I was so happy for Alibaba. And the we have Morgiana here being a clear bada**. She is honestly making this show happen, props to her and the Fanalis.

I have to say this episode didn’t have a very strong comeback though but it might just be me not being able to really turn up the volume because i was at my university library…

I didn’t get a good listen to the new opening but i have been hearing great reviews though so I can’t wait to really give it a listen. I did watch the opening without volume and this sort of caught my eye. When did this,


become this..

morgiana is still a badass idc
click on the image to see the gif clearly, some of the other pictures are also gifs

Even then, she’s a bada** character, I don’t care.

she doesn't go run for help, she jumps in and keeps him from wasting magoi.
she doesn’t go run for help, she jumps in and keeps him from wasting magoi.

The same thing happened with that Princess’s, from the grandmother arc…this is who I’m talking about, brother. he seemed like an angry troubled child. They went and made him look innocent.

I JUST noticed, doesn't this guy remind you of Zuko?
I JUST noticed, doesn’t this guy remind you of Zuko?

Everybody BACK THE HELL UP. Doesn’t he remind you of Zuko? You know, Avatar: The Last Airbender? He seems like a troubled kid from royalty, has a scar on the same side of his faceand he wants power but he wants to get it on his own…with honour. He didn’t want Judal’s help!

Just look at him
Just look at him, well go find a picture where he looks more innocent to match Ren up there^

*flips a table*

Oh and at the beginning of the episode when Alibaba was still using his ugly small sword I loved the reaction the citizens had when they saw him set himself on fire.

show off (i'm jealous I can't set myself on fire and look cool, sue me)
show off (i’m jealous I can’t set myself on fire and look cool, sue me)
the hell was that for?
‘the hell was that for?’

SIDE note: All the people that went through difficult times (that are female) seem to have a pony tail on the side of their head. Don’t know why i didn’t mention this earlier but yeah… Take Morgiana the slave and Alibaba’s mother who had to live a life in prostitution. Oh and the girl below looks so much like Morgiana, they could be sisters or something.

And while all this commotion is going on. We have the princess we met earlier who wishes she could just find love

the priorities of our leaders in times of war
the priorities of our leaders in times of war

She hopes to marry a nice, strong and honourable man. As per custom, she hasn’t seen him and wonders what he’s like.

I can’t wait for her to meet him.

nuff said
nuff said