Wow. This is the first time in a while that I’ve loved an anime based solely on its first episode and I have to say I frikkin loved it. I had this incredibly goofy grin on my face throughout the whole thing and I spent most of my time taking screenshots. The direction in this episode was excellent and so was the comedy. Jokes were set up really well and the punchline delivered at the perfect timing (Actually, no, they weren’t. I still thought it was funny though)


Anyway, the comedy style was reminiscent of Gintama, where people would be going about their absurdly retarded lives acting like it’s completely normal to be the way they are, while the only voice of reason stands in the background desperately pleading for common sense to prevail, but they’re ignored for not suffering the same chemical imbalance affecting the rest of the community.

There were sooo many things I loved about the first episode, one of them being the fact that just about everybody (except Kei) was incapable to fully grasp the situation at hand. For example, a police officer explaining that “I am the police” to a goat, somehow not questioning why the hell he was conversing with a goat in the first place. It felt a lot like it was challenging people that watch anime “WHY do you accept the fact that a goat being a villain is a completely natural thing in anime? Do you fail to realize that until we pointed it out you were actually completely accepting of the fact that there’s a frikkin GOAT on your screen playing the villain?? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?”


Also, I love that the goat, who’s the Don by the way (YES– a member of the godamn Italian Mafia) already has his motivations laid out for him: he steals money because it tastes good, he replaces it because for some reason he’s a supergoat that can make counterfeit bills. And the reason he hates Inaba is because of a fairy tale about a bunch of kid goats being attacked by a lone wolf.



And the best way to tell someone to die: “Drink conditioner and DIE!!”

I love that Inaba had no idea where he was going on the train and ended up using his homing instinct to get back to the office. Plus he has no idea what his brother looks like.

I gotta love that presumptuous attitude of his.


Lmao the complete opposite of what I expected


Is it wrong to love Gabriella?

Edit: Upon watching the second episode I’ve decided that Cuticle Detective’s not the kind of anime I’d blog, but I will keep watching it to see how it turns out.