By: Striffy

Overall Rating: 7/10

Pretty Dead Girl

Also known as Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu, an anime with a silly name if ever there was one. Now where to begin with this one? Densetsu starts off pretty straightforward- a magical fantasy with sword fights, a quest for powerful items, blah dee blah blah, been there, done that. Nothing new. However, I have to admit that my expectations were soon blown out of the water when the show escalated into something much darker and much more ambitious than what it first seemed. To anybody who starts off the series all I can say is watch until episode three before you decide whether to watch it or not.

There’s quite a bit of mood-swinging involved where one moment you’ll be laughing at the lighthearted talk and the next you’ll be watching a bloodbath. The series has its high and low points in its 26 episodes and can be best described as erratic, but not necessarily in a bad way. There’s quite a bit of world building (which never really came to fruition). but there’s also a lot of character focus (which was way better).

The characters were one of the strong points and many of them are fleshed out very well, especially the three main characters who are all likable and have good chemistry. (Also I have to applaud Ryner Lute’s English voice actor for an excellent performance- he really brought Ryner to life). However, there are three (or two, your mileage may vary) annoying female characters whose definition of comedy appears to be screaming nonsensical lines nonstop at maximum volume. Please do yourself a favor and cover your ears every time they’re onscreen.

Other than the three idiots pretty much everyone was interesting- especially Miran, the ruthless guy with seemingly ulterior motives and a thirst for blood. He always managed to spice things up with his psychopathic behavior.

So there you have it; watch the Legend of the Legendary Heroes with zero expectations, and you’ll probably emerge happy the way I did. I should warn you that though the series did have a good conclusion it’s a bit of a cliffhanger (and there probably won’t be a second season). Still, I’d recommend Densetsu to anyone interested in a bit of lighthearted/bloody entertainment with nothing better to do.