By: ArtemisDSII

Episode 9:

I don’t get why Mahiro doesn’t see how stupid he is that he literally is going to decide the fate of the world depending on if he can find out who Aika’s boyfriend is/was. Why would something like this matter even if it is Mahiro?

his bluntness
His way of thinking: Mahiro you’re an oblivious idiot

Basically, the show would have probably concluded right there with the princess losing but they needed to keep going so they mentioned the word ‘boyfriend.’ Kinda stupid.

It’s sort of cool how everything is being related to Shakespeare’s plays, clearly watching anime has it’s benefits. It’s a sure way for you to remember what happened in Hamlet but I haven’t read the Tempest.

I love how Samon is clearly annoyed by everything that’s happening. That sort of lightened the mood but it’s also the first time we’ve actually seen a villain get annoyed by all these meddling kids.

why are you torn by this? unbelievable! -epic
why are you torn by this? unbelievable! -epic

His facial expressions are just perfect too.

His dark aura is an attempt to make him look evil, i think.



this face is THE BEST, just adding it here

Even the princess, Hakaze is just like,


Episode 10:

Hahaah, Yoshino’s attitude could be defined as ‘lol no, you’re wrong.’

lol nope

I feel like Yoshino is explaining something in a science class.


It’s a little irritating how stupid and smart Mahiro can be. It’s like he knows everything  that’s going on but half the time falls for it. It just further proves the thought that he probably knew a lot more about Yoshino and Aika than he let on.

I bet Juniro/her friend with the blond here is going to do some serious saving.

Episode 11:

There’s too much happening, everything keeps changing.

I want to flip a table. I think they are about to say that Hakaze’s friend is the one that killed Aika chan…I mean, he’s supposed to be neutral. I did say that he was creepy. I’m gonna find out in like 20 seconds


Oh it’s not him. Thank the Lord, it’s the mage of Exodus.

Episode 12:

I can’t even

That was terrible. I knew they’d die and something bad would happen since the anime reflected on Hamlet so much but I wasn’t prepared for any of this.




It’s terrible the way Samon explained that the Tree didn’t think they were needed anymore.

Everything was so chaotic and their deaths came so suddenly. i’m sure they’ll be back some how in the next season though.

Side note: Samon is a wuss.

I can’t wait for the next season.