By: AtemisDSII

Episode 5:

Ahh, obviously they’d let the princess stay alive in case they screwed up. Samon is pretty smart.

Yoshino keeps remembering Aika chan, I can’t wait to see what happens when Mahiro finds out.  But it seems like everything has some sort of connection to Aika and the princess has a bunch of people that don’t really like her?

I think Yoshino is way to smart or maybe it’s because we don’t really get a chance to see how everyone else thinks and because Mahiro is such a clear foil.

you also over thinks things but I still think he’s a sick character

And who the hell was driving that car?

oh wait they were in a different city *face palm* my bad

They keep introducing new characters, I doubt I’ll remember half of them. I love how this guys face was so calm when Mahiro said the password and while retrieving a very valuable talisman.


Episode 6:

Why would you think someone has a nicely shaped head?

he was PETTING an orange when he said that..

I guess he has to be neutral about even the death of the princess who I guess was a close friend because that’s his role outlined by the previous king?  No wonder he was so calm in the previous episode.

'what a nicely shaped skull'
‘what a nicely shaped skull’

A good twist would be finding he had some more grand plan and was using Samon.

He’s got a pretty innocent face but he took down the spear guy pretty easily.

innocent face but deadly

Oh snap, Yoshino almost got caught about Aika.

oh snap

But there’s no way he’d get caught so early.

I CAN’T BELIEVE YOSHINO GOT MAHIRO CAPTURED. Not cool. He was so indifferent about it all too. Well, everyone keeps saying how he;’s someone that can easily lie and is capable of evil. Including Aika

the snake of all snakes. he better have a detailed plan to explain himself
the snake of all snakes. he better have a detailed plan to explain himself
yeah he'd be pretty calm
yeah he’d be pretty calm

*flips a freaking table*

So they weren’t related by blood. Wow, what a great reflection of hamlet without the incest.

Mahiro thinks too little or too much of Yoshino. He’s a fool to think he’s so innocent.

come on man

Oh man, the ending just sort of had me at a loss of words. I’m beginning to get more curious as to why Aika was murdered and pretty much everything.

Episode 7:

Why does Yoshino look so damn innocent?

yoshino with glasses
no wonder Mahiro doesn’t suspect him of anything.

And it’s interesting to see a sort of darker side of Aika being revealed especially since I assumed her to be a little different.

Hahah, I seriously see myself in Yoshino. This is hilarious.


It’s clear from this that Mahiro suspects Yoshino at least a little or is afraid of Aika liking him.

Wait, why is all this so important…? The Hamlet references appear to be the only thing these guys took from school.

Episode 8:

Just let the reckless Mahiro decide the fate of the world why don’t we?


The ending twist of her being two years in the past was epic. I didn’t expect it but at the same time everyone was finding it odd that her blond friend incorrectly identified her skeleton.

I don’t even know what to expect anymore.

Psyched for the next episode.