By: ArtemisDSII

I should have started this when it came out…

Episode 1:

The anime is shown as parts of different events from the past and how they’ve lead to the present. It seems like this is how the anime will be shown for at least a good half of the anime.

It sort of your normal kids get tied up with some magical battle happening that threatens to destroy the world sort of thing.

The characters seem pretty cool and the animation is just a bonus.

Episode 2:

So Samon is the source of all this trouble and because of the power struggle the princess mage is on an invisible Island. She literally depended on nothing but chance in order to get help from someone in the outside world. She got damn lucky that Mahiro is so bent on finding his sister’s killer.

And who the hell asks their brother what a kiss feels like? I bet Mahiro is going to kill Yoshino when he finds out.

I get the feeling that somehow Yoshino is involved with the death of Aika..or at least he has to feel neutral about her death since they weren’t veery buddy buddy when she was alive.

aikia chan

Woah, for a second I thought Mahiro knew that he was dating her sister but I think they just want to show the irony of it all.

woah creepy
creepy irony

I love how Yoshino is walking around dead bodies like it’s just another day in his life.

The Hamlet references are pretty well done. it sort of reminds me of when I played Hamlet in a school play.

Episode 3:

Mahiro is a little too obsessed with finding the killer and at the same time is eerily calm about it all.


Yoshino is damn smart though.

I feel kind of bad for that girl that’s after Mahiro. i just know she’s being used and is going to end up dying. It’s just gonna happen.

I wonder if the princess and Samon (seems like he can’t use magic) are related.

Episode 4:

Haha, I like the relationship Yoshina and Mahiro have. It sort of lightens the mood.

yoshino and mahiro
Yoshino is such a softie man.

They’re all like two polar opposites.

mahiro as a kid

Is it just me or would Mahiro have a terrible hue if he was in Psycho pass?

This episode sort of went into how Mahiro and Yoshino met each other and it was a pretty funny story. Can’t wait for more.

Note: I’ll probably make the next review another 4 episodes together since it’s already been out for a while.