By: ArtemisDSII

It wasn’t the best way to conclude the season but I guess it was alright.

What was really weird was how Morgiana pictured Alibaba saving her…

lol what? -my initial reaction
lol what? -my initial reaction

But I guess anyone would feel like that after enduring what she had to.

Sinbad explains the source of the Kou Empire’s power as Judal which I think anyone should have figured out but we sort of get an idea as to who the dungeon clearers are/look like.

dungeon clearers
sick pic, can’t wait to meet them in the next season, they better be awesome

I couldn’t help but think Judal probably kept a few people from actually clearing the dungeon just for his personal amusement.

In the previous episode, everyone seemed to have some serious self esteem issues and Alibaba seems to have a lot of them. He keeps thinking he can’t do anything but he’s got more than enough moral support from pretty much everyone around him.


Oh and he keeps getting randomly attacked…

he keeps getting attacked lol

Kassim’s back in action, he sort of pisses me off. I want him to die. I was pretty happy with him not being present in the past episode.

tss kasim

The worst thing though is that Alibaba is too blind to see that he’s being used repeatedly by Kassim. And what the hell is up with Kassim breaking up with Alibaba.

it’s over

Like we didn’t see that coming.

But of course,

why man
you idiot

It’s not normal that he forgives him. So damn stupid. They just want him to look like a really good guy but that’s just overkill.

Masrur’s commentary is the best though.


Alibaba going off and doing something semi brave on his own I guess is supposed to make for a great ending but I think something more dramatic should have happened. But I expect a lot from the second season.