By: ArtemisDSII

I’m starting to get more annoyed with Tonari after every episode. There are 3 things that keep me watching: the random comedy that’s actually funny, my habit of just having to finish something I’ve started (in most cases) and the fact that I’m almost done.

It’s getting repetitive (which started happening in the second episode…) but it still gets a laugh out of me.

Anyway, Haru is getting over protective again because he doesn’t want Shizuko to pay attention to any male being besides himself. Even old men make him suspicious and he just makes himself look scarier.


The only thing that i thought was bloody hilarious and really made me want to keep watching was when Haru stupidly yells in front of everyone that Yamaken loves Shizuko, even I froze.



I laughed for a very long time. But I also felt bad for him though he tried to make himself look less stupid. He pulled it off pretty well, he’s lucky he’s a genius.

playing it cool, he looks so messed trying so hard and all
playing it cool, he looks so messed trying so hard and all

It’s so funny how Shizuko, Haru and Natsume run into Yamaken and his gang right on time. The one person haru was trying to keep Shizuko away from is right there and I just knew he was going to be his stupid self and make Yamaken come even when he didn’t want to in the first place. The idiot.

perfect timing. They're so excited to seem Natsume..
perfect timing. They’re so excited to seem Natsume..blushing and all and then there’s Yamaken
why is Yamaken always sitting like that?

I feel kind of bad for Oshima and Yamaken though, but I have this annoying feeling that by the end of this anime most of the people will become couples or face rejection and all that jazz.

lwft behind
left behind

Haru is starting to get creepy to the point I don’t really like him. The way he was possibly going to push Yamaken off the ledge was just messed. I don’t care if he’s in love with Shizuko or if he’s the main character. You can’t just get a pass for being a freaking psycho. And you’d know from my post on magi that I normally like the crazyness, not this time though.

Haru's got issues man, he looks like a psycho
Haru’s got issues man, he looks like a psycho