By: ArtemisDSII

This episode sort of explained why there was all this chaos occurring and the reasons behind all the corruption. They introduced a new character, pinky. She seems like either another dungeon clearer or maybe a Magi but I doubt that.

she is a princess, that they made clear

I love how she speaks in such a demanding and powerful voice but when the King of Sindria, Sinbad holds her hand for too long she sounds like those squeaky voiced girls.

Oh and this scene seemed strangely familiar, like I’ve seen it in some religious texts or something. It looks sick though.

strangely familiar
I like how Judal’s just lying there pretty much dead. He’ll probably get it when he comes back to life

Again Sinbad just never seems to have a satisfied look when it comes to Alibaba, it’s almost funny.

forever displeased
forever displeased

Anyway, down to the more serious bit. Basically, the creepy dude I mentioned in the previous episode review basically trapped the people in a way that would make many suffer. The root problem, money.  I liked how they explained it all and it shows how using paper money can be dangerous.


He started off helpful and he did help the country as he promised but becoming too dependent caused problems as explained in the episode.

The twist comes when Alibaba’s ugly step brother decides to use humans as capitol. slavery

It’s a great take on the origins of slavery but paper money and currency are a lot more recent. Good try though, I like the plot twist and all. A slave production company, truly evil.

Naturally, I expected a reaction from Morgiana and that’s what I got.  No way is she going to let the same thing that happened to her happen to another person.

just keep being an awesome female character Morgiana

This episode sort of set the stage, I expect a lot from the next episode.