By: ArtemisDSII

I keep repeating myself but it just keeps getting better every episode.


I really wanted to mention this in my previous review but am I the only one that thought Kassim was a girl?


In his defense, I though Alibaba was a girl too.

So the episode further emphasizes the helplessness Kassim and the others feel which led them to their drastic and desperate attempts to help themselves and others. A part of me feels a little bad but I keep thinking that they could have taken a different approach to things.


Woah I just took in something, how do all of the people in the Fog Troupe have powers? Maybe street smart is better than getting lucky and being a part of royalty..


Alibaba sort of revealed that he isn’t as strong as he might seem to be and it might explain why is sword is so small. If you haven’t seen at least some of Bleach, let me fill. Basically, your strength/power is depicted by the size of your sword and so more power means a larger sword.


But I think he’s a little stupid and gullible for still wanting to help Kassim. I don’t get why he wants to, he could easily go about it all in much different ways.


I love how the funniest things keep happening to Alibaba though. Just a little comedic relief. He keeps getting attacked, first Morgiana and now Aladdin.


The absolute funniest thing in the entire episode though was when Aladdin went up to Alibaba and shook his hand. There was a split second pause and for some reason I thought Aladdin was going to shock him with those little buzzer things people use to prank people.


I was close enough though.


Getting back to the more serious action. I thought Sinbad was some nice guy that wasn’t going to make someone drop dead, but I was wrong.


I’m a little afraid of him though. Didn’t expect him to be so ruthless.

Oh and I guess this would be the second best scene but Sinbad challenges Alibaba and tells him to take out his weapon. All I could think of was how much Sinbad was about to be disappointed. And even Alibaba was a little worried about taking out his weapon.


But Sinbad provokes him and it’s all over. Alibaba whips out his magnificent ‘weapon,’ and starts speaking in a very angry and loud voice.

that ugly daggar

You can see the visible disappointment on Sinbad’s face.

visibly disappointed
Sinbad’s thoughts: ‘really?’

And obviously, Alibaba lasts like 5 seconds. If he just had a larger sword Sinbad wouldn’t have been able to just grab his hand. i don’t even know why Alibaba was so shocked.


I mean, Sinbad being the Seven Sea king or whatever hardly played a role in the outcome of this match.

Moving on, Sinbad’s Fanalis assistant is a bada** and Jafar is just scary. Jaffar seems like one of those characters with a messed past. I mean, you can’t be named Jafar and not have a dark side. I wonder if there will be some sort of problem with him and Aladdin.

Anyway, I love his reaction to Sinbad’s announcement of wanting to join the Fog Troupe.


Oh and it’s so random that he has freckles.

jafar is too cool

I’d say he’s actually cute too but then this happens,

eyes of a cat, cats are pretty evil right? I bet he’s struggled with power and greed.

Even Aladdin thinks he’s scary, he’ll probably notice something really weird about him soon.

yep somethings up

I think it’s safe to say he’s going to be a really cool character and I really want to see more of him in the coming episodes and next season.

 He makes Sinbad seem like a really normal person. But then Sinbad looks pretty evil here.

sinbad looks so evil
look at his eyes

I think they’re trying to just confuse us a bit so we can’t tell for sure who’s good and who isn’t.

But I’m pretty sure Kassim isn’t exactly good.

or he could be just hating

Okay this has to be the most messed thing in the episode. HOW THE BLOODY HELL IS THIS THING ALADDIN’S BROTHER?


I don’t get it. Sinbad said Alibaba resembled his father but what about this guy? What was his mother like if it caused such a massive difference…I don’t even want to think about this, let’s just move on.

And it was pretty clear that he was going to say ‘lol no’ to Alibaba’s request. You could just see it written in his weird face.

Ugh, I’m too interested in this brother relationship and what it really is. I’ll be thinking about it now. Can’t focus on anything else right now.