By: Striffy

Urobutcher Gen strikes again! Now that is how you get your viewers excited for more. Maybe it was just me, but I really liked this episode. The MWPSB finally gets to meet Makishima and damn does he make it memorable (while possibly scarring one of them indefinitely, but hey, whatever works).

Psycho 35

Now I know I make fun of Makishima all the time; accusing him of cross dressing, being a pervert, and generally being a loner on the hunt for friends, but that’s only because it tones down the underlying reality of him being creepy as shit. Observe:

Psycho 37Psycho 32Psycho 33Psycho 34

Other than that,  props up to Akane for taking the initiative and trying to corner Makishima (though that obviously didn’t end well). Now that whole scene with Akane confronting Makishima raises a whole lot of questions. One of them being the fact that the Sibyl System takes away people’s freedom by making their choices for them, and so people have never felt the weight of responsibility on their shoulders. They never have to feel the burden of making the wrong choices and so they all live within their own little comfort zones without having to ever suffer the consequences of any of their actions.

But what happens when you push people out of their comfort zones and force them to take responsibility for their actions the  way Makishima did to Akane? Can they handle the burden of having to make a conscious decision without being guided by the Sibyl System? Akane couldn’t. She couldn’t handle the weight of having somebody’s blood on her hands, because up till now, the Sibyl System was taking responsibility for her actions and she could walk away blameless, but now, Akane is forced to make her own decision knowing that the credit of said decision will be hers and hers alone. She can no longer walk away blameless the way she  could before.Psycho 38

And so what does Akane do? She breaks. She lets her friend die. It’s true that she does fire at Makishima, but from the way she did we all knew that it wasn’t going to hit him. She shot without the intent to kill (or even hit for that matter), it’s possible that she only shot so that she could have a clear conscience “I did my best, but it wasn’t enough”. Though we know that’s not true; a well fired bullet could have killed Makishima and saved Yuki plus future victims. So now Akane gets to walk away knowing that she “did her best”, but deep down she knows it was her own weakness that let her fail, her unwillingness to take responsibility.

Now I’m not condemning Akane for her actions or anything. I’m just using her as an example, and she reacted the way any normal person would have; she’s new to the job and she was under a lot of pressure, it’s only natural that she freaked out a bit. I’m actually rather happy that Akane was put on the spot like that- it was unexpected but it was definitely a positive development.

Enough of that!


  • Shinya was pretty damn cool this episode, not only does he get to explode the Senguji guy (who died happy by the way), but he also got to pose awesomely after taking, like, three bullets. Boy is he tough.
  • Despite being severely injured, Shinya still manages to look more fit than most guys. It probably has to do with him being shirtless, in pain, bloody, with finely sculpted abs and a polished structure–I’m sorry, what was that about no pandering to female audiences? I’m pretty sure the fangirls rejoiced in this ep.
Notice that
Notice that his finely sculpted body is still more noticeable than the gunshot wounds.
  • Well in retrospect you’d probably have to be a bit weird to enjoy Shinya’s shirtlessness (considering that he was dripping blood), but hey, to your own, as I say. We all have our own weird fetishes–oh you don’t? It’s just me? Oh, okay then.
  • Double props to Masaoka for being able to restrain Shinya. Headbutting’s the way to go.
  • I wonder how the Sibyl System deals with psychopaths/sociopaths such as Makishima, because as we saw today, it’s not doing a very good job of it.

Can’t wait for the next episode.