This anime just gets better every episode. Oh and I also want to point out that I think the main antagonist is going to be braids, I bet he’s gonna be one of those I was on the good guys’ side but I got bored or they were just too ineffective, cases.



Man, I felt for Aladdin when Alibaba said sorry and walked past him.

aladdin sad

In fact, he became weak from it all. I really did feel bad for him.

aladdin 2

And again Aladdin and his tiny sword. I got so annoyed,

alibaba and his sword again
this sword forever ticks me off

until this happened


Morgiana just keeps becoming cooler every episode. I just can’t stop laughing when she’s in a scene because of the funniest things that happen. But I’ll be honest, when she swiftly appeared in the picture below I got creeped out. it looked like Alibaba was about to get murdered.

so damn creepy

And then this happened xD

hahahaahim dying

And this guy that was acting all tough, look at him here. I can’t even express in words how funny this scene was and how hard I laughed.


And again, Morgiana’s stoic tone never ceases to amuse me though I’d prefer if she acted a little more because I’m sure her significance to the trio will be compromised. I guess she makes up for it with her strength and some of the things she says and does (see above lol).

why is she so cool

Getting to the point of the episode, we’re taken into Aladdin’s past and why he’s joined the thieves. As he explains his situation to Aladdin, you sort of begin t understand and sympathize for Alibaba. This got me thinking, if we understood why bad people did what they did, would we be more understanding of what they’re doing even if you don’t think it’s right. Just a thought.

And something else, Aladdin, I knew he’d be royalty but what I don’t get  is how he landed serving some pig in the first two episodes, how did that even happen?


his friend Kassim seems deranged and even if you come from a tough past which is why he’s so bent on helping the poor. I get that they want us to sympathize for him at least a little but after the death of the king and he pretty much through the place up in flames. I don’t understand why Alibaba shows no resentment that his friend just might have killed his father but I guess it’s a little more clear when you’re watching everything unfold in front of you.


I’m not a fan of desperate people and that’s exactly what you see here. I’d have him thrown in jail the moment I got the chance, oh wait he’s killed people. Maybe we should kill him. But I get the feeling he’s going to be brought to his senses and though that’s  good thing I sort of hope he’s killed. I could be just taking it too seriously though and not looking at all the details. For instance, I’m pretty sure his sister Mariam died of starvation or something else happened.


All in all, it was a good episode and like before I can’t wait for the next episode.