By: ArtemisDSII

This episode started off making me think it was going to be a filler but damn that opinion changed quickly.

First of all, I’m 100% sure this was just for the fangirls,

drunk magi

I though he was a going to be a magi, should have known it was a King just lying around waiting to get robbed.

As I mentioned before, Morgiana is very grateful for everything and just keeps bowing down. I guess it’s got something to do with being a slave and beaten most of her life.

too grateful

It’s absolutely hilarious though when the come across Sindbad in the forest and Aladdin deems him dangerous. I don’t know it just made me laugh. It’s just funny how genuinely surprised these anime characters are when they come across something so obscene but people these days would remain unaffected.


Speaking of being unaffected, Morgiana just remains stoic even when someone’s complimenting her. her exact reaction ‘oh.’


For a second I though Sindbad was going to be a bad guy but I guess he was just worried about his people here.


I just have one question, how did no one recognize their bloody King walking around practically naked? If anyone knows please, enlighten me.

the king

And is it just me or are there just way too many thieves running the streets? Okay that’s my second question, whatever. Point is, a team of only three plan on stopping them.

being cool

Okay, we already took a look at Sinbad now for the other two. The Fanalis on the right, just the nicest person you’ll ever meet.

very nice indeed
No, I’m serious when I say it’s nice to meet you

And then Jaffar, the green guy. He looks all innocent and everything here,

just pretending to not be a badass

but dont’ let that fool you. I knew he was going to have some powers or not be useless but I definitely didn’t expect this:

just looking cool is all
just looking cool is all


Okay, back to Morgiana before we get to the best part of the episode. She’s actually a pretty awesome female character  I’m starting to really like her because she pretty much puts her foot down and says I’m going to be useful. Good on her for that and just another funny scene for me.

Untitledloldont mess with morgiana

I KNEW Alibaba wasn’t a completely good guy. I mentioned this in my first review and if i didn’t elaborate on it, at the very least I mentioned it to striffy so there.


Aladdin is already to kick some serious butt and then.


He was already to fight but why

why alibaba WHYi bloody knewit

CAN YOU JUST TAKE A LOOK AT HIS FACE? It spells EVIL. He obviously thinks he’s doing what’s right by playing Robin Hood but it’s still wrong and he had all this money anyway from clearing the dungeon why can’t he just give it to people instead of whatever he’s doing?

What a stressful ending and I already knew it was going to happen too. Can’t wait to watch the next episode. I want to keep going on about the episode but yeah, it was really good and I liked the twist in the ending. It’s not something you see too often.