By: ArtemisDSII

I paid attention to the opening this episode and I just have to point out: it’s bloody awesome.

So this episode revolves around Morgiana and I didn’t like this episode as much as the others but it’s basically about what’s happened to her since completing the Dungeon. She’s been freed from slavery and is traveling with a caravan to get to her homeland.


Basically, there’s a road block of thieves and she decides to take care of them because she doesn’t want to take a much longer route. Being from the warrior tribe she’s really strong and all and pretty much kicks butt but gets captured because obviously bad guys don’t play fair. She was pretty cool through out though.

Happiest in her element, shedding blood

I love how she’s so strong that every time she hits someone, blood just explodes from their bodies.

When she gets captured she meets a little girl that’s also going to be forced into slavery and she decided to just fill her in on all the trouble, pain and humiliation she’s going to go through because that’s what you’re supposed to do.

That’s when she realizes she is talking to a little girl and promises to somehow save her which is a pretty big thing to make a promise about but it worked out.


The episode is basically about her trying to move on from her past and the little kid is sort of what allows her to do that and she stops a whole bunch of people from having to go through the same torment she endured.

The crazy thing was how they actually showed that they were going to feed the little kid to those messed animals, hyenas. I love how all Morgiana did was scream and they ran away, brilliant.


The BEST thing was how the little girl wasn’t even remotely traumatized by anything and almost like this is an everyday thing, dhyfujhcfyf

And guess what, turns out Magi and the caravan he joined in the previous episode were captured and Morgiana saves him too. I thought, how the hell did he get captured but he was asleep. I just, I don’t even know.


Here’s the caravan leaders or whatever trying to save the captured but it was already all taken care of.


Okay last two things, first I liked how Morgiana was so thankful it became hilarious to see her thank the people around her repeatedly. It showed that she was genuinely thankful which is always a good sign.


So in the end Morgiana is going to be travelling with magi now.


The best part of the episode was the ending though, Magi says Morgiana is too long a name soo he decided to giver her a nickname. Hello, I’m pretty sure Ali Baba kun could use a nickname too xD


Overall, it was an alright episode.