By: ArtemisDSII

Now I really liked this episode. I love how the princess is this character that is so just she doesn’t even flinch when she’s attacked. And the only damage done is this small cut along her face, brilliant.


But since she’s is a dungeon clearer, she must have some back bone. Sadly though, her power that came from clearing it and all barely lasts her which I found pathetic.

Oh and her sidekick has also cleared a dungeon.tumblr_md098bVyzo1rhl3dho1_500

Getting back to the story though, grandma was shot and in fact the princess’s soldier was as well and it turns out it’s the captain guy gone corrupt because he doesn’t have a nice enough title. Pathetic really. And the oh so honourable clan that Magi has been chilling with goes mad with rage and pride and wants to go to war.

Magi wants to help and knows he has to do something or everyone will die. He obviously is against war.

There’s all this confusion, grandma is still alive long enough to knock some sense into her people and agrees to be a part of the Empire.

Now the good part, Magi steps in when the princess’s magic thing runs out of batteries literally after 5 minutes, to save her and instead of directly attacking the guy that’s about to chop her head off right after she’s had a good four arrows shot into her, he pretty much KILLS all the soldiers that were just standing in the back ground.

This is what happened.



And then you see his face.


Even the damned princess was not trying to kill them. I’m just going to ahead and say that Magi is going to lose it at some point in the anime, he’s going to kill a bunch of people to save like 3 people. It’s gonna happen, you heard it hear first.

Oh and keep in mind this kid that caused all this destruction also looks like this,


Haha, moving on,

I liked how the princess was pretty determined in what she believed in and wasn’t an annoyingly useless female character for once. My hat’s off to you.


And thanks to grandma Magi has gained an understanding of who he is, leaving him in tears and pretty much the point of this two episode arc.


Another thing, the ‘bad guy/captain’ was so pathetic, his psychotic face didn’t phase me. That’s the one problem with this anime, no genuine psychopaths. But I’m guessing that second Magi, the braided one will probably fix that problem for me. He’s apparently with the princess’s brother lazying around.tumblr_mcz6j68p2F1r59wjoo9_r1_250

He reminds me of Haru’s brother Yuzan from Tonari no kaibutsu-kun though I have yet to explain their facial expressions.

I love the prince’s face at the end of that though.tumblr_md0l48uY9L1r6tfjro1_500

With a face like that, I’m going to assume he’s a troubled child. Just saying, maybe.