By: Striffy

I actually don’t have many thoughts for this episode except that I wish Makishima would stop saying stupid shit like “Will you understand the meaning of this game?” Really dude, it’s annoying. I also wish they would stop narrating things so obviously like “It would be easier for me to win this game without the annoying whiny girl that couldn’t run if her life depended on it ” No, duh.

Psycho 27

Sigh, and why would the writer even add the little bit about Shinya having to choose between ditching the girl and saving her? Shinya’s supposed to be our good guy, this is anime, and people in anime don’t do things that people in real life would do (like believing in the power of friendship). The only way the whole ‘choice’ scenario would actually add to the series is if Shinya chose to abandon Yuki. Now that would be interesting. (Not that he’d get away with it though, since the Sibyl System would have him killed if his Psycho-Pass were to increase.)

Psycho 29
The joke is getting old, but…what was that about NO MOE?

Therefore, I think that Makishima’s/Seguji’s plan was stupid. Isolating Shinya and having him choose between being the hero and being the villain would never have worked considering that Shinya would never have killed or abandoned Yuki anyway, since Shinya’s smart enough to know that even if he got out of this mess alive, the Sibyl System would eliminate him.

  • NO!! Why would you guys separate? Don’t you know the first rule of horror movies? Never. Split. Up.
  • I’m surprised Shinya didn’t pick up the change in Akane’s voice- him being a super detective and all.  I thought he would have noticed the different inflections, but I guess he’s not that close to her so whatever.
  • How the hell is a train that was discontinued still running? Where does it get it’s power from and how does it go unnoticed by the city? Or maybe the city noticed but didn’t care (though I find that hard to believe since a broken toilet is enough to warrant the police’s interest).
  • When Yuki ran for the bag. Me: Oh lord, is she stupid.
  • Wow, Gino was being such a dick this episode I kind of wanted to pick him up and throw him myself, but Masaoka beat me to it. Props to the geezer.

Psycho 30

Honestly it wasn’t a bad episode, but it could have been much better.