By: ArtemisDSII

I liked this episode too, might be because of my exams just finishing and I just feel good but whatever.


I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before but I had this theory that Natsume like Haru’s older cousin and literally it was all just confirmed in the last episode. Sorry baseball guy.

So I’m thankful that at the very least Shizuko acknowledges the fact that Haru literally snuck into her house and just waited till she woke up. Signs of an abusive relationship**forecast**

And they show how she has to go and deal with financial problems because her father can’t hold a job, trying to explain why she’s so emotionless and doesn’t have many friends. Haru get a little insight in all of this and we move on.

I loved how Haru and Natsume have a heart attack when baseball guy says he has had a girlfriend and that whole conversation had me laughing.


Haru asks if he’s done ‘it’ and vice versa and both times each gives that pervy face then breaks down laughing. I pretty much died of laughter because of the pure hilariousness of the conversation. The scene is Just perfect.


And I didn’t realize Yamaken was so terrible at directions but it made me feel better about myself. I like how that ties with how his personality too.


He literally says, ‘I’m going to ruin this and then never bother her again,’ he can’t stand that the person he likes, like someone else and he wants to ruin it. just the way a little kid would react but he holds back because he isn’t as evil as he seems to be.


Sadly he doesn’t have much hope since all Shixuko is interested in is getting better grades than him or Haru.


he does give good advice though, so props to that.


The ending was just a foreshadowing of an oncoming battle between Haru and Yamaken over Shizuko, so typical it hurts.

Just to look back at Natsume and her troubles. She’s an insecure innocent kid that got made fun of because she was pushed around, not cool. And because she was pretty and guys talked to her. It’s sad because this just goes to show, even if you have whatever society would like you to have to be accepted you’re still an outcast.


Thankfully, someone stood up for her.


I liked the creepy smile he gave those girls, my kinda thing right there…it might explain why I have so few friends but whatever.

Oh and a random picture of baseball guy because he isn’t annoying and I can’t really make it fit anywhere else: