By: ArtemisDSII

Okay I have to say this episode was hilarious. Every other scene I just burst out laughing.

I love how the chicken literally symbolizes the way  Haru feels for Shizuko, it’s bloody hilarious. He’s got a mega duty cage and everything. I could just tell Haru was going to show his friends the chicken when they asked him to introduce them to ‘chick.’


Haru, the idiot he is, punches Shizuko AGAIN by accident. This guy needs to calm down a bit. But Shizuko’s reaction was just to perfect for me.Untitled

I slightly wonder if this shoujo will take a darker turn and lead to an abusive relationship…but that’s just me thinking.

I loves the beginning when Shizuko is playing the part of the nurse. I approve of her creepiness, good job on that.


But going back to the punch. I loved how everyone literally froze at her reaction. I’d be pretty pissed to if someone who claimed to be in love with me kept punching me.


On a more serious and deeper note though, I actually like Natsume. Normally people like her just piss me off and I’d never want to deal with them but I’l make an exception. She finally gets to advise Shizuko, messes up but eventually everything’s all good. Oh, side note, seems like the baseball guy likes her. Anyway though, Natusme sort of represents the more innocent side of people. The side that wants to be friends with everyone and would always like a happy ending, sort of like the Id in my opinion.


Well, I’d say the baseball guy does too but we don’t know too much about him just yet.


And Haru’s brother is hilarious too. I love how everything was set up perfectly for him to ruin Haru’s day.yer

Even Yamaken isn’t a fan of him. I personally hope we get to know Yamaken more and actually sort of wish he was more recurrent in the previous episodes. I love how he teases Haru and actually like Shizuko.

This episode tied in all the characters pretty well and I liked it a lot more than the other episodes.

Edit: I forgot to mention, I hated the way people were just blankly staring when Yuzan confronted Haru. It’s just something about how people are such wastes of space like that that pisses me off.