By: Striffy


When Makishima’s face went from this:

Psycho 27Psycho 28Psycho 30

(Except that he didn’t say that whole justice bit)

This here was my reaction: My Face

I’m not even sure why actually… in retrospect it really wasn’t that scary. But… I never want to see him smile at the camera again. It’s too disturbing and insincere and creepy and…actually, what made the smile even more disturbing is the fact that it did look kind of sincere. Seriously man, I don’t want to see a psychotic murderer/ genius mastermind smiling sincerely. There are just way too many implications that come along with that. One of them being that he probably just had babies for dinners and enjoyed them.

So a lot of this episode was about some ugly cyborg dude called Senguji (aka the hunter that killed Rikako) talking about the benefits of being nearly completely cyborg, save his brain. He rambled on and on about surpassing human limitations, but what a lie that was. Honestly, this annoying guy believes himself to be so above everybody else and is grateful for not being one of “the living dead”, but at what cost? Killing other people that haven’t sacrificed their bodies to technology is the only way he feels complete, which he admits to himself. Isn’t the need to feel complete a human emotion (and limitation)? Why hasn’t he realized that? Stupid man.

I bet
I bet half the people that didn’t want to become cyborg only chose that after seeing this lifeless guy with a blank eyed stare constantly interrupt the interviewer and showed no signs of  noticing the interviewer’s obvious discomfort.
  • I rolled my eyes at Akane blushing about the whole “date” thing, especially because of how she laughed at the prospect of liking Kogami. She’s more like his mommy than his girlfriend.
  • When Saiga pretty much summed up Akane by reading the “signs people unconsciously display” -_- So cheesy…
  • Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the profiling lesson. I really wanted to. Also, it’s weird that the Psycho-pass system considers profiling to be ‘outdated’ because that’s essentially what it does.
  • I like how Kagiri’s paying way more attention to his jellybeans than to the unfolding drama behind him.
  • I wonder what happened to Gino’s dad? Because they didn’t have Enforcers in the past, was Gino’s father killed just like any criminal would be?

Psycho 26

Hats off to Akane this episode. She really stood up for herself (without needing Shinya to say anything, which is something rare in anime). She was freaking awesome. Also, I hate her hair.