By: ArtemisDSII

So it seems this episode revolves around Shizuku trying to prioritize her goals and figuring out what’s more important to her. And naturally, since Haru  really like her, again, she decides she doesn’t like him, again.

The scene where Haru tries to lick her hand was deathly hilarious.


I’m not entirely sure if he was trying to get her interested and I’m a little confused by it all but it managed a strained laugh out of me. It made me question myself a bit..

Overall though i have to say it was just pathetic in that it made me hate people for being so .. pathetic? But I think I’ll save that rant for my personal blog. They tried to get the viewers excited that Haru was finally thinking of taking things into his own hands..or mouth?

In another scene, near the ending of the episode he tries to kiss her just because he wants to but before actually doing it he stops himself because he remembers what the internet community obsessed friend of theirs said about Shizuku not liking being touched by people she doesn’t like.


BUT ironically, she realizes that she was actually anticipating the kiss or something. I haven’t watched the next episode yet but I’ll bet she realizes she likes him and he’ll start distancing himself because he knows/thinks she doesn’t want him near her.

These two just can’t make up their minds. It’s annoying me.

But I like the guy with blond hair. He’s cool. (You’ll have to click on the image and/or link to see the gif)


I just love the way he says that he finds idiots so pitiful. The action in the way he says it and his stoic expression is like a mirror image of when literally 90% of my life. It’s pretty pathetic that the only person I could relate to for such a large portion of my life is some random dude in an anime. Just sad.

I did find it a bit weird that they suddenly brought him back into the picture. Apparently, he is also interested in Shizuku but as all Shoujo anime go, Haru will end up being the ‘victor.’