By: Striffy

And with that the Rikako Oryo arc is finally over. I have to admit I don’t usually approve of Good Vs. Evil fights because it’s the easy way out for writer’s to get the audience onto the “Good” side instead of actually creating engaging scenarios and thought-provoking characters with actual character-development, however I also admit that watching Makishima screw over his subordinates is just too much fun.

Makishima is one sly little serpent that needs to be put behind bars and I think he fails to realize that.  By the ending of the episode his focus has shifted and Kogami’s caught his interest.

Psycho 28

  • Rikako’s pseudo-feminist rant in the beginning of the episode was annoying and hypocritical. Also, I don’t think that the creators needed to outline every single damn thing that Rikako was thinking. It kind of takes the fun out of analyzing things and you can’t really leave anything open for viewers to decide. More than that it kind of gives the feeling that Viewers are Morons.
  • Kogami suspected that the murderer from three years ago and the current murderer are two different people on the basis that the current murderer lacked originality. I’m not really sure why he (and everybody else) failed to notice that the killing style and methods used were completely different from each other. Whereas the former just made his victims into mangled corpses, the latter had their victims turned into works of grotesque art (notice one is the work of a messy lunatic, but the other is the work of an artist or the like).
  • It’s a bit disappointing that to make Kogami look like a smart guy the creators decided to make everybody around him (besides Masaoka) idiots of varying degrees – this is true especially with Akane (though I’m really starting to like her somehow). In fact, the rest of the team is so stupid that I don’t understand why Kogami (the only guy with a brain fit for the job) was removed from that certain case.
At least Choe Gu-Sung will have less chances now.
  • Well, not that Kogami really gives a damn, since he storms through the girls school like a boss (rather unprofessionally by they way) and finds Rikako really easily. (How did he even know where the hell she was?)

Psycho 24

  • Oooohhhh… so Makishima was acting as a teacher at the school. So he didn’t have to cross-dress and pass for a girl in a mini—um, never mind.
  • I loved the last scene. Makishima displays his sheer brutality once again without ever getting his own hands dirty. I
  • It’s amusing that he left that little message for Kogami to let him know he’s still around. That’s probably going to get Kogami’s Crime Co-efficient up a couple of notches.

Despite my complaining about certain things I really liked this episode and I’m looking forward to the next one.