By: Striffy

    • Geez Haru is so weird. One episode he’s declaring his love for Shizuku, the next one he’s rejecting her. At the same time, the guy’s super smart and is way ahead of Shizuku in terms of her studies. Typical Shoujos. Always making the guy smarter than the girl (is this some sort of weird fetish that shoujo mangakas have? I see it everywhere!). Now all that’s left is to make Haru richer than the girl too.
    • Haru’s younger brother, Yuzan, visits. Haru ditches, so Yuzan takes Shizuku out to have a chat with her. Sadly all I understand from about 20 minutes of Yuzan’s ramblings is that he’s some weird sugar fanatic. Great. Haru comes from a family of weirdos.

  • See what I mean?
  • So the purpose of Yuzan’s visit was to convice Haru to come back home. Therefore the most reasonable thing for him to do must be to get Shizuku to convince Haru not to go back home. Huh? Yuzan doesn’t want Haru back home? Well, that was pointless. Yuzan came to get Haru. But he doesn’t want him to come. Great. That was pointless. Inaction would probably have the same effect… (Well, I guess it gave him an alibi, but I doubt that Yuzan thought that far.)
  • “Well, what will u do, Shizuku-chan?” What do you mean, ‘What will you do’? Did you expect her to drop out or something? She’ll keep going obviously. And what’s up with that cheesy background music? Its trying to make it sound like Yuzan’s a genius or something. (It turns out he was just trying to bug Haru.)
  • Oh. Okay then. So Haru’s dad has the power to influence schools. So Haru’s both smarter and richer than Shizuku. Typical Shoujos.
  • Haru lived with someone called Mi-chan. He had fun at Mi-chan’s house. He also nearly died at Mi-Chan’s house three times… I’m really beginning to think that Haru needs to sort out his priorities.
  • I don’t dislike the glasses girl (I think she’s rather cute with her sparkles and all), but do we really need a third wheel when we know that Haru’s not going to end up with her anyway?

I actually wish this anime was more like the preview. I’m taking about the “My little Gangbanger”.

I still ship these two: