By: Striffy

This week Psycho-Pass presented us with a nice thought-provoking episode in which we get to meet a nihilistic and possibly hypocritical girl named Rikako Oryo. I’m not really going to summarize this episode, but rather give my thoughts on it because it was interesting enough to engage my mind.

Rikako Oryo, this weeks killer, is quite the psychopath. In her words:

In this era, the System determines everyone’s aptitudes and we all have no choice but to live by it and be satisfied with only a happiness forced upon us… as we are unable to make our real dreams come true. The person you desire to be… Your true worth… Don’t you want to try discovering them? -Rikako Oryo

This quote led me to believe that Rikako probably despises the Sibyl system, considering that it dehumanizes people by  indiscriminately determining a persons’ capabilities, setting their limits for them, and ultimately telling them how to live their lives, and thus allows no room for freedom or pursuit of one’s dreams or interests. Just how fulfilling is a life in which you know you’ll never fail or grow if you follow all the laid-out rules for you? And if you decide to “Screw the Rules!” you’ll probably be shot and exploded into bits for having a high Crime-Coefficient.

Ooh my point is that I thought that maybe Rikako hates the Sibyl system (for the reasons stated previously) until she started talking about her love for Lavinia (who was cruelly killed for being a reminder of when she was violated). I think Lavinia was used an example to represent the citizens living under the Sibyl system and the father in the story was meant to represent Sibyl (or Rikako). This comparison probably makes sense since Sibyl pretty much does what Lavinia’s father did; kills off its (um) children (?) when they have been tainted  in order to wipe away their impurities.

But then Rikako proved herself to be worse than or just as bad as the Sibyl System when she killed Yoshika before the girl could be “ravished” by her step-father. At least Sibyl doesn’t judge people until they commit crimes, even if they keep a special eye on those with a high latent Psycho-Pass, but Rikako killed Yoshika before the innocent girl’s Psycho-Pass became too high. In order to preserve some twisted idea of beauty and (possibly) to save Yoshika from being ashamed any further she killed her.


Random notes:

  • I wonder how the heck Makishima finds people that are willing to commit crimes even though they haven’t even undergone the Psycho-Pass test.
  • WOOOOH!! Take that Kagiri!!! Our moe girl can hold her drinks better than you can!!! Who’s moe now??
  • Wow Akane’s moe-ness was off the charts today. 
  • Ooh it looks like Gino’s daddy was a criminal. If criminality actually does run in the genes, Gino’s screwed!
  • Makishima somehow infiltrated an all-girls school. Maybe he passed himself off as a girl with that long hair.
  • Kagiri resembles something like a tomato when drunk.
  • Oh god. Who on earth in charge of the hair designs? That girl’s bangs were as round as a monkey’s butt. Okay.. that may be a bit of a misleading analogy but you get the idea.
  • I thought that Rikako’s work of art resembled a certain logo, until I watched the Ending theme song and realized that Makishima and Rikako were probably making fun of the Police department by making it resemble their logo.