By: Striffy

This week we’ve got another good episode of K where we get to see a bunch of bishies being smacked around. There’s really not much to say for this episode though, since this anime is follows the “show, not tell” rule. It starts where the last one left off; at the football stadium where Kuroh decides not to kill Shiro. Then Scepter 4 decides to barge in and tries to arrest Shiro and Kuroh. Neko creates an illusion so that the entire stadium looks like a street from the city.

The bishies look relatively confused.
Kuroh smacks some bishies around, causing them to faint (bishie-ly)

We get to see Munakata (the Blue King) beat the crap out of Kuroh for touching his bishies. As you can see in the following picture, Munakata is very protective about his bishies.

Depicted above is an abusive husband demanding obedience from his otherwise non-obedient wife.

Other than the domestic abuse nothing much happens in this episode.

oh yeah we find out that Shiro’s been lying all this time about being clueless and that he has the sword of the Colorless King (I think that’s what happened). It’s rare to see someone keeping a facade for so long in an anime, but somehow our moron Shiro pulled it off. He actually doesn’t remember everything though since Neko-chan erased his memories or something like that. Though we do get to see some douche pushing Shiro off a blimp (or whatever it was). Seriously though, who does that? Don’t you know it’s dangerous? And yet, somehow Shiro survives.

I really hope we get to find out Shiro’s real memories in the next episode. Key word of this week? Bishies.

Teehee! I’m the cause of your memory loss! Please love me! ❤

By the way, this anime is hereby dropped. It’s too boring and at this pace there’s way too many things to solve in just 5 or 6 more episodes. I have to say I’m really disappointed because the animation for K was unbelievably good and I was hoping for an equally good story, but K really failed to deliver.