By: Striffy

-I’m really beginning to wonder about how unprofessional the police force is in Psycho-Pass. I can’t believe that the episode starts off with Akane chatting with someone about confidential police information without even confirming their identity first- and that too, over the Internet, where anything could be easily recorded, logged, or leaked. 

-Seriously, why would they not even try finding out the identity of Akane’s friend first? Isn’t that something they should be interested in?

-“Gino, don’t try to understand the minds of criminals. You’ll be taken in.” Wow, really? You’re telling that to a police inspector who’s very job is understanding criminals in order to capture them? On other note, this line makes a lot more sense by the ending of the episode. (It seems to be a warning to Gino not to make the same mistakes Kougami did.)

-“The only way the victims can rest in peace is for the culprits to be caught”. Well, if it hadn’t been for Shinya and Masaoka acting like hooligans the last episode and randomly pointing guns at people, the criminal would have actually been caught and the victims’ deaths could have been easily prevented.

-How did Mido whatever his name was avoid street scanners? How the hell did the government even allow there to be unchecked areas or loopholes in the system when they know that that’s exactly what criminals are going to be looking for?

-Okay, using alcohol and a lighter is definitely not the most professional way to start a fire but damn was it awesome.

-Mido sought guidance from online avatars, killed them, and created a perfect image of them based on the avatars’ key points. His impersonations of the avatars were indistinguishable and even better than the original avatars, but when Mido’s mask finally slipped it turned out that he himself was a nobody; and then he exploded while Gino wondered about who Mido was even talking to. Typical Gino/police: Shoot first, ask questions later. How unprofessional.

I bet he gels that strand of hair in the morning so that it falls straight between his eyes, but never strays from there to get into the way of his eyes.

-Gino praises Akane for a job well done. Huh? For what? She didn’t really do anything this episode. What are you talking about?

-Mr.Kougami having been an inspector was a pleasant surprise though not exactly an unexpected one. At least now I can understand why he speaks to Gino in such a familiar way: they were previously both partners. I’ll be looking forward to when we find out what the unresolved Case 102 was about.

-As much as I complained about the idiocy of the Police Force, this was still a good episode. Especially that bit where Kougami solved the case using theories. Though I have to admit that Kougami’s a bit too good at his job, to the point of being a bit unbelievable. I hope they’ll fix that soon.