By: ArtemisDSII

Okay this episode had one of the most hilarious scenes, I couldn’t stop laughing. Haru still can’t seem to make friends in class so Shizuku advises him on actually trying to smile once in a while. When he tries smiling it works out nicely for him. He goes from this:

to this:

But maybe a little too well


This makes Shizuku jealous and it’s hilarious because in a sense she helped attract too much attention to Haru from others and so she spends less time with him making her jealous.

Though I found this hilarious it annoyed me how people started to actually give him a chance only after they noticed how attractive he was. It just gave me a sense of how shallow people can be and it angered me.

Soon after this though, Haru defends a girl being picked on and everyone fears him again and he feels insecure because he can’t seem to get people to actually like him. It sort of sucks since he isn’t actually a bad person but good people usually are misunderstood.

Over the summer break the small group of friends that has formed over the course of the last three episodes along with Haru’s cousin go on a short trip to the mountains and when they get back they meet Yuzan, Haru’s older brother. Haru wimps out and runs away for a while and the rest of the gang gets to talk to Yuzan for some time.

When leaving Yuzan creepily says farewell to Shizuku which is always a sure sign of ‘some shit is about to go down.’

Meanwhile, Haru is hiding in an alley and quickly meets with Shizuku after she’s left his home and when she tries to find out about him and why he ran away, but he coldly refuses to speak. Obviously Haru has trust issues and is afraid of speaking out too much. I imagine him to become more open and trusting before this anime is through.