By: ArtemisDSII

So at this point the circle of friends has grown to include a baseball player that’s known Haru since middle school. That rooster I mentioned in my last post actually gets a full on episode surrounding it.

haha look at the Haru’s face

They get permission to keep the rooster but they have to build a cage for it. So they sort of go on a shopping trip together where they come across Haru’s old friends.

I love how ignorant Haru is and Shizuku tricks his old friends to help them build the rooster’s home.

She pretty much killed two birds with one stone, they finish what they’re building faster and Haru doesn’t kill anyone.

Haru also is protective of Shizuku which is kind of irritating when I think about it right now but it was funny while I was watching it. He keeps telling the main guy character from his old group of friends that keeps coming too close to Shizuku to back off.

ha, i love the animation here

What I don’t get is how everyone’s feelings keep changing every episode. Shizuku says she really likes Haru now and now Haru says he doesn’t really like her like that anymore. Come on man! Do you guys like each other or not?

They part ways and like 5 minutes later Haru comes running to her asking if he can stay at her house for the night. At that point I was just like ‘WHY?’ That’s so awkward especially after that confession and when they get to her house her father is just weirded out by it all and Shizuku just walks around being COMPLETELY emotionless. Holy, that pissed me off so much. For just a second can you act like you’re human? Ok to be fair she did feel awkward at some parts.

This is her father

At the end of the episode we find that we’re going to meet someone that scares Haru a lot, his brother who also happens to be good looking.

And of course, Haru walks around without his shirt on. I’m just going to leave it to you to imagine how stupid I thought he was for doing that.