By: ArtemisDSII

Alright I was supposed to review these episodically, if that’s a word but I’ve been a bit busy. So, let’s just get right down to it.

In the beginning we find the ever so typical quiet, studious, doesn’t care about anything but her studies Shizuku. And I have to say, I thought she was going to be an extremely pathetic female character but she isn’t as bad as I thought she’d be, only because she’s a bit cold but I also don’t like that since that’s all the female characters tend to be. I’ve read a few shoujo manga and watched a few shoujo anime simply because I find them to be downright hilarious but I hadn’t really got that from this first episode.

By chance, she meets a weirdly scary character Haru who never attends school for some reason. He claims that they are now friends since she brought him his homework, though she doesn’t do so by choice.

We learn that Haru is feared by everyone in school because he can be violent but it’s all misunderstood because he’s always just standing up for people. Thus people think he’s scary and stay away from him. The thing that actually made me want to watch this is that Haru is like a reflection of me. Back in my day, people were afraid of me because I stood up for others and just assumed I was a bully when I was trying to just do what’s right. So it made me curious to see how this anime will turn out.

Despite being feared he happens to be good looking. Typical anime

By the end of the first episode, Haru says he loves Shizuku which shocks her. I guess she’s the first girl that’s talked to him so he was so happy and he just fell in love. I don’t know. Shizuku doesn’t really get it, since she’s one of those robot characters that doesn’t understand emotions at all. Though I gotta say I’ve been like that for most of my life too… anyway, we see in her past that she was always thought to be someone that was cold even when she was just a kid.

Back to the present, out of nowhere Haru kisses her which was kind of random because he’s supposed to be a bit awkward. I didn’t really get that.

One thing I really like though was that Shizuku stood up to these people that were taking advantage of Haru by pretending to be his friends. Haru comes off sort of like a wimp but he actually stops being a pushover and opens his eyes.

This is from a future episode but whatever

The second episode isn’t very eventful from what I remember. Shizuku feels awkward because of Haru kissing her so she stuffs her face at a restaurant she’s at with Haru. Another character is introduced, Natsume who is clearly really stupid. What I like about her is that she actually embodies what most of the people her age are like, Internet freaks who just want friends.


Haru, excited to make new friends attends some internet gathering with Natsume but they both make no progress in expanding their pathetically small group of friends (I’m one to talk).

Now wait for it.

Literally a few days after meeting Haru, Shizuku is sitting on the rooftop when he comes and he keeps her from going to class. AND GUESS WHAT??? She realizes that Haru has made her a better person and that’s why she’s skipping class for the first time and tells him she loves him.


I just thought it was hilarious but let it sink in that she was skipping class for the first time ever because of Haru and immediately after she says she loves him. I don’t know but I sort of got the feeling she wasn’t as smart as the producers made her come off.

Anyway, I’ll review the next 2 episodes within the next week so stay tuned, maybe a lot sooner. And it’ll be more structured too

Oh yeah I forgot, there’s a rooster too, I think to show Haru’s soft side or something…