By: Striffy

Prior to this episode I was only watching K because of its top notch animation and stunning visuals, since up till now K was pretty damn stupid- fun, but stupid. However this episode  had some really nice sense of direction and things started making some sense. All the build-up is finally starting to pay off and I actually happened to give a crap about what happened to the characters.

In this episode two major things happen: 1) we get to see Tatara Totsuka’s friendship with the rest of Homra and finally understand why Homra’s out for Yahsihro’s blood. 2) We learn that Yashiro’s been living a lie!!! Nobody knows who he is- including himself.

Did you guys notice how the Homra gang copies Mikoto’s left earring?

Quite a bit of this episode is dedicated to Homra and we see how Totsuka joined the gang (his methods included stalking the Red King, getting beat up, landing in the hospital, being annoying and persistent, and trying to get the King to scratch his foot… Seriously.) It looks like Totsuka was the everyday likable guy who took a liking to Mikoto and stuck around the gang. The gang accepted him and they were all happy-happy until one day a guy decided to shoot Totsuka for… no reason.

Somehow manages to look pretty while dying.

I have to admit this was probably the most emotional episode in K and probably the best. Seeing Misaki (skateboard dude) tear up and beg Totsuka to stay alive was really sad.

Now for Yashiro: it looks like no one really knows who he is. Pretty soon his classmates have no idea who he is, and we already know that his information can’t be found in the school system. Yashiro and Kuroh go to visit Yashiro’s house and they find a football stadium where his house is supposed to be. Kuroh decides not to kill Yashiro even though Yashiro has pretty much given up on living.

I’m hoping that in the next episode we get to see what’s going on with this whole Yashiro situation and whether or not he really is the murderer. Phew- even Neko couldn’t lighten the mood for this episode.

Sorry Neko- you know it’s true.