By: Striffy

  • The episode starts off with Akane visiting an online forum and seeking guidance from some dude called “Talisman”. Apparently Talisman is something like a celebrity in the Virtual World, and a lot of his and Spooky Boogie’s fans like to enjoy the anonymity they are granted online and gather at sites devoted to anarchy.
  • Supposedly Akane’s and Shinya’s fates are tied together. I think it’s a bit too early to be mentioning anything like that, Masaoka.


  • Maybe it’s just me but it strikes me as odd that a dysfunctional toilet actually caught the interest of the police- instead of, say, someone actually noticing that Hayama went missing. Well, to be fair to society, it is true that Hayama was something like a Hikikkimori- jobless and a stay-at-house kind of guy, so it makes sense that his disappearance went unnoticed. However, it’s a bit sad that if you can’t contribute to society you can expect to be chopped into little pieces (or as Shinya said, “Atoms”- because apparently that’s possible) and flushed down the toilet and still not catch as much attention as your broken toilet would.

  • It looks like what they said is true; It’s easier to be killed than to just disappear in the world of Psycho-Pass, where everyone is constantly tracked and kept record of.
  • I like how the group pretty much treats Ginoza as an outsider. Also, what’s up with Gino’s avatar? Seriously, what is that? At first I thought it was a quarter, but…A talking dime? On another note: I’d kind of like to see someone pick one of those off the ground and watch as that person runs off screaming in horror as I laugh at them for picking up a haunted coin.
I urgently want to take a pair of scissors and cut off that irritating strand of hair going down the middle of his face. I’m surprised he hasn’t done that himself already. Or that Akane hasn’t.
  • The offline meeting was like some sort of anime convention- with people sporting outlandish outfits and being ogled by mystified onlookers. Except that in this case the mystified onlookers- aka Shinya and Masaoka- lost whatever self control they had toward the cosplayers members and pulled out their guns and started shooting people and started checking everyone’s Crime Coefficients when the costumes were hacked and turned into Talisman’s. Naturally this scared the crap out of everyone, started a panic, and caused everyone to start running the hell away- at which point people with above-average Crime Coefficients were gunned down (non-lethally). Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure there was a more professional way to do that.
Shinya and Masaoka’s reaction to the cosplayers.
  • What the hell is up with that name Spooky Boogie? It’s like some sort of a sad attempt at being creative. Please stop saying it.
And that’s why he killed her.
  • Spooky Boogie is serious business yo!

    Our main antagonist is a fan of cosplaying. This is probably going to be the major source of conflict between him and Shinya.