By: ArtemisDSII

I wasn’t really going to check this anime out until Striffy told me too and I have to say it’s alright. I’ve seen the first four episodes and by the ending of the fourth it got real interesting.

In the first episode, we’re introduced to Aladdin who makes a wish from this blue genie, whose face isn’t shown at the beginning. It’s a simple and innocent wish I don’t think I’d ever make nor would anyone else but I guess it’s to add to the characters appeal. He meets Alibaba who doesn’t really seem like your typical ‘I-want-peace’ kind of guy, at first. Instead, he’s consumed by the idea of money and power.


They meet more people and have more a few run-ins with a Red haired girl, whose name I forget at the moment. Anyway, they go into the dungeons to retrieve a bunch of gold for Alibaba and for Aladdin to just tag along for the ride. I thought the guy chasing Aladdin was a pretty pathetic villain even if he was meant to last only two episodes. I mean, he didn’t really have an intimidating face, despite torturing his slaves.

Can’t find an image where he’s actually torturing people but you get the idea

I kind of like how when the red haired girl was going to kill Alibaba she didn’t just suddenly overcome the years of slavery and torture and defy her masters orders, she had to be stopped by Aladdin.

Redhairded girl about to kill Alibaba

She was going to do it too tsk tsk what a robot

They manage to conquer the dungeon after Aladdin is acknowledged as a Magi by a random genie that comes and gives them an exit. Alibaba is separated from Aladdin so he’s waiting for Aladdin to come back so they can start on their next adventure!

Aladdin was pretty much transported pretty far away and is found by some tribe that is real kind and family oriented. He comes just in time when they are dealing with a few political disputes which eventually are settled but at the end of the fourth episode the elder of the tribe is shot by an arrow. It ends right there, which was a pretty nice way to end an episode. For someone who wasn’t really into the anime, that made me want to watch the next episode.

Dead grandma

This got me interested

Oh and there was some mention of Alibaba being a king, but I don’t really like his small knife he uses. Not very King-like

I don’t think he’s in the position to ask such a question but talent and skill over flamboyancy

There’s also this random guy who appeared but we know nothing about him yet because they want us to leave us with an air of mystery. Scary…and attractive? He’s on a magic carpet at the end of the 3rd episode I think.

I can’t find the picture and I don’t want to ruin anything for myself